Operator dialogue: Blue Poison

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Appointed as Assistant Greetings, Doctor. You're glowing today. To see you so well... it's all I could ever hope for.
Talk 1 I prepared an antidote to nullify the effects of any common poison. I'd like you to take one dose before every battle. Do you mind?
Talk 2 Actually, the toxin in my body is an ingredient in some high-quality medicines. That's why Dr. Kal'tsit needs me in her lab a lot.
Talk 3 Hmm, why do you keep staring at me... You mean, it's because my eye color is special? Is that a compliment, Doctor?
Talk after Promotion 1 I'm the one our enemies fear the most. After all, who wouldn't want to kill me before I can torture them to death with my poison? What really worries me is that my teammates might think the same...
Talk after Promotion 2 Why am I staring at this cake? Actually... I baked it to share with everyone, but no one wanted it... Would you like to try it, Doctor?
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Doctor, you're always wearing the same outfit. How about I choose some new clothes for you? I think I have pretty good taste. Oh... it's a uniform? So you can't change it? Okay...
Talk after Trust Increase 2 I'm 'toxic'... so people prefer to stay away from me. But now I have you by my side, Doctor, and I'm really, really happy.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 My body isn't that different from everyone else. I may be 'toxic,' but nothing bad will happen if someone touches me. Doctor, if you can prove this to everyone, then maybe they won't always keep away from me. Could you... hold my hand out there?
Idle Doctor? Oh, already asleep. Gotta find a blanket to keep the Doctor warm...
Onboard Nice to meet you, I'm Blue Poison[note 1]. I'm sure Dr. Kal'tsit must have told you about me. In that case, it'll be up to you to decide how to use my 'toxic' powers.
Watching Battle Record I think I hear the sound of toxic liquid boiling, like music to my ears.
Promotion 1 Thank you so much... I'm so glad I get to help out in all these battles. It's like a dream come true.
Promotion 2 I used to hold back and hide my 'toxic' self, but now I've accepted what I am, trying to move forward to change my fate. I have you to thank for helping me make this shift, Doctor. You have my sincerest gratitude.
Added to Squad Great. I'm good at supporting assaults.
Appointed as Squad Leader I'd be much better off supporting the others. Wouldn't want my poison to harm you, Doctor...
Depart Everyone, there's no need for you all to stand so far from me...
Begin Operation I prepared a 'gift' for you. Like it?
Selecting Operator 1 Awaiting your orders.
Selecting Operator 2 Please don't be scared of me.
Deployment 1 Don't worry, my poison is not contagious.
Deployment 2 My toxicant is ready.
In Battle 1 My toxins will slowly burn your life away...
In Battle 2 Are you hallucinating?
In Battle 3 Honey to me, poison to you.
In Battle 4 Poison kiss.
4-star Result Use poison to fight the evils and crimes... isn't that ironic to you?
3-star Result I've got a poison to melt away all these remains in an instant. Want me to show you?
Sub 3-star Result Good, finished before my clothes got dirty.
Operation Failure How ridiculous. Feels like I killed myself with my own poison...
Assigned to Facility Resting when you're tired helps you focus on your work.
Tap Huh?
Trust Tap D-Did you just touch me? C-Can you do that again? Please?
Greeting Hello, Doctor.
Title Arknights.


  1. Spoken as "Azureus" in her JP dialogue