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The only known representative of the Anurans in Rhodes Island, Blue Poison hails from a family whose ancestors were taken away from their homeland of Kerthun Valley in Sargon as slaves by the Iberians centuries ago in an attempt to weaponize their natural poison against the Seaborn. Blue Poison herself was born in Iberia long after the Profound Silence which freed the Anurans from the Iberians' slavery and the circumstances of her service to R.I. remains a mystery, but she has been active as their resident toxicologist who sometimes provide fire support on the battlefield using her bow pistol firing bolts laced in potent neurotoxin.

Due to her natural toxicity, Blue Poison is known for her shyness despite having a lovely attitude. Further, while she likes to bake handmade cakes and offer them to others, she only has a few friends including Glaucus and Indigo who can tolerate her toxicity. Fortunately, several R.I. personnel have started trying to befriend her too (after taking necessary precautions, of course).


Blue Poison is a 5★ Marksman Sniper who specializes in DPS. As a Marksman Sniper, Blue Poison has a range of 3×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front which is improved to 3×4 tiles at Elite 1, targets aerial enemies over ground ones when attacking, and possesses good ATK, low attack interval, and low DP cost relative to other Snipers. However, Blue Poison notably has much lower HP than other Marksman Snipers and should thus be kept out of reach of ranged enemies.


Neurotoxin makes Blue Poison's attacks poison the target (no pun intended) for a short time, which causes them to periodically take Arts damage.


  1. Twinshot - Auto has offensive SP recovery, which causes Blue Poison's attack to deal more damage and hit up to two targets within range when charged.
  2. Venom Spray buffs Blue Poison's ATK and causes her attacks to hit up to three targets within range while active. At Mastery levels, Venom Spray also causes Blue Poison's attacks to deliver two hits toward the primary target.

Operator Module

The MAR-Y Module, Standard Color Chart, increases Blue Poison's ASPD by 8 if there are ground enemies within her range in addition to increasing her ATK and ASPD. Once upgraded, Neurotoxin's damage over time is increased.

Base skill

Toxicology α increases the byproduct rate of upgrade material processing by 75% while Blue Poison is assigned to the Workshop. At Elite 2, Toxicology α becomes Toxicology β with a higher byproduct boost of 80%.


Overall, despite being not as flexible and versatile as with other Marksman Snipers, Blue Poison can be a good DPS dealer when used correctly as she spreads her deadly toxin to those who dare to approach her.

Honey in her left hand, poison in her right hand... which one you'll pick from her?