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Blue Poison, the only known representative of the Anurans in Rhodes Island, hails from a family whose ancestors were taken away from their homeland of Kerthun Valley in Sargon as slaves by the Iberians centuries ago in an attempt to weaponize their natural poison against the Seaborn. Blue Poison herself was born in Iberia long after the Profound Silence that freed the Anurans from the Iberians' slavery. The circumstances of her service to R.I. remain a mystery, only that she has been active as their resident toxicologist who sometimes provides fire support on the battlefield using her bow pistol firing bolts laced with potent neurotoxin.

Due to her natural toxicity, Blue Poison is known for her shyness despite having a lovely attitude. Furthermore, while she likes to bake handmade cakes and offer them to others, she only has a few friends, including Glaucus and Indigo, who can tolerate her toxicity. Fortunately, several R.I. personnel have started trying to befriend her, too (after taking necessary precautions, of course.)


The following story events are not necessarily in a chronological order.

Preluding Lights

Tomimi: Brand New Life

Indigo: Hardcore Drink

Podenco: Bloom Season

Blue Poison: Untouchable