Operator gallery: Texas the Omertosa

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Texas the Omertosa.png
Attire worn by Texas following her return to Siracusa.
Exceptionally exquisite tailoring, exactingly custom-made to old Siracusan famiglie standards.
Elite 2
Texas the Omertosa Elite 2.png
Has a dynamic artwork
She leaves Siracusa once again, not to flee the past, but to change the future.
This outfit neither binds her nor stands for her. She is merely Texas.
Texas the Omertosa Skin 1.png
Has a dynamic artwork
One of Texas the Omertosa's iteration points.
"But Wingbreaker, did you know that behind the seven layers of golden gates remain only shepherds of demons, and nothing more of your old friends?"
Iteration Provident Series/Wingbreaker. Texas the Omertosa's iteration from decision point F/3019226. The hunter shot down the great demon Vermithrax, but was betrayed by the Lone Wolf Emperor and banished to the barrens.
Zwillingstürme im Herbst (Outfit Store, 21 Originite Prime icon.png)
Cannot be acquired by using Outfit Voucher