Operator gallery: Skadi the Corrupting Heart

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Skadi the Corrupting Heart.png
The outfit Skadi wore when she went to Sal Viento.
Though not certain to be more practical than a uniform, it is very comfortable, and also unalike to a bounty hunter's style.
Elite 2
Skadi the Corrupting Heart Elite 2.png
Has a dynamic artwork
You dimly, darkly feel that what happened in Sal Viento will change all, and that you simply cannot make out yet how fate's currents flow.
No matter how it is put, there is a freshness you perceive in this outfit she wears.
Skadi the Corrupting Heart Skin 1.png
Has a dynamic artwork
One of Skadi the Corrupting Heart's forms.
As He decided this body was perfect and sublime, so the Seaborn would ascend from Terra, their destination the infinite sea of stars above the skies.
Bloodline of Combat Collection/Sublimation. In the ocean-soaked wreckage of this great Iberian chapel rests He, and His song comes from the efferent throat, to reach the ears of every Seaborn.
Red Countess
Skadi the Corrupting Heart Skin 2.png
Has a dynamic artwork
Has a special animation when acquired
Changes Skadi the Corrupting Heart's dialogues to unique ones
One of Skadi the Corrupting Heart's iteration points.
Iteration Provident Series/Red Countess. 浊心斯卡蒂在决策F/3019226中的迭代。混沌与冲动带来了赤红原野独一的主人。借着这样的情感,她创造出了心爱的造物。
[CN] 5th Anniversary Celebration (Outfit Store, 24 Originite Prime icon.png)
Cannot be acquired by using Outfit Voucher