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Gilang Andrian, better known by her pen name Alchemaniac (stylized in lowercase), is an Indonesian visual artist currently living in Singapore. Alchemaniac started her career on DeviantArt in 2011 and began creating artworks for Chasm, StarClash, and Awaken Destruction among others in 2014, but she made it into the spotlight after being commissioned by Cygames for Shadowverse and later, by Yostar for the 1st anniversary artworks of Azur Lane EN.

Alchemaniac is among the first commissioned illustrators for Arknights, notable for illustrating Skadi (the Corrupting Heart).

Notable works




  • Box art for Chasm
  • Various characters and background images in StarClash
  • Cover art for Extreme Exorcism
  • Rage of Bahamut, Valkyrie's Spear (Shadowverse)
  • RPK-203 (Girls' Frontline)
  • Xia Ekavira (Nijisanji)
  • Alice, Rosalie (Eternal Tree)
  • Goldie (Alchemy Stars)
  • Laurel, Kalmia (Artery Gear)


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