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Obadiah Brown-Beach is an American composer and singer currently residing In Los Angeles, California. As part of Hexany Audio, he has composed numerous pieces of music for Arknights, including character leitmotifs, game soundtrack, and concert-exclusive songs. He has also done voice performance for songs created by fellow composers at Hexany Audio.

While he has created music in different genres, Brown-Beach is notable for composing many of the rock and metal music for Arknights.

Arknights discography

As composer

  1. Solitary Journey
  2. Hometown Wind
  3. Operation Blade (feat. Xueran Chen)
  4. Requiem (feat. Serge Liberovsky)
  5. Sparkling Hydraulics
  6. Evolutionary Mechanization
  7. ALIVE (feat. Cristina Vee, lyrics also by Vee)
  8. Lullabye (feat. Úyanga Bold, lyrics also by Bold)
  9. Real Me
  10. Keep the Torch (feat. Melissa R. Kaplan, lyrics also by Kaplan)
  11. Bridge to the Dawn
  12. Field in the Light
  13. Near Light OST (with Steven Grove)
  14. Spark for Dream (feat. Cristina Vee, lyrics by Christina Vee and Sarah Blandy)
  15. Eternal Flame (feat. Forts, lyrics also by Forts)
  16. All hail Savior! (feat. Adrienne Cowan)
  17. Stainless Heart (feat. Alan Day, lyrics also by Day)
  18. Sentenced (feat. Allie Armstrong, lyrics by David Lin)
  19. High Mists of Spring
  20. Wanted (feat. Substantial and X.ARI)
  21. Umbra in the Sand (feat. Airton Santos Araujo, lyrics by David Lin)
  22. Faster and Stronger (feat. Xueran Chen, lyrics also by Chen)
  23. The Cure (feat. Emma Denney)
  24. Misty Memory (with Erik Castro, Elvin Shen, and ZT, feat ZOEE)
  25. So Long, Adele OST (with various other artists)
  26. Best Moments of... (feat. Sophie Gold, lyrics by David Lin)
  27. Underneath the Spires from Zwillingstürme im Herbst OST
  28. Antiphon of Agonies Old from Absolved Will Be the Seekers OST

As performer

  1. Ensheath (composed by Robert Wolf, lyrics by David Lin)
  2. Stained (composed by Erik Castro and David Lin, lyrics also by Lin)

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