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Erik Castro is a composer working as part of Hexany Audio. He has composed numerous pieces of music for Arknights, including character leitmotifs, game soundtrack, and seasonal EPs. Most of his music for Arknights are various types of electronic music and he's notable for composing most of the soundtrack related to Laterano.

Arknights discography

  1. Across the Wind (feat. Gracie Van Brunt, lyrics also by Gracie Van Brunt)
  2. Radiant (feat. Mary Clare, lyrics also by Mary Clare)
  3. Quadrant Breaker (feat. Alan Day)
  4. Guide Ahead OST
  5. Operation Ashring (with David Lin, feat. X.ARI)
  6. Operation Fake Waves (with David Lin, feat. Skylar Funk)
  7. Rekindle (feat. Uyanga Bold)
  8. Quadrant Breaker (feat. Alan Day)
  9. Unto the Dust
  10. Dormant Craving (feat. Mindia, lyrics by David Lin)
  11. Hortus de Escapismo OST (with Robert Wolf)
  12. Stained (feat. Obadiah Brown-Beach, lyrics by David Lin)
  13. Before & After (with David Lin, feat. P. Kruise)
  14. Miss You (with David Lin, feat. ZOEE)
  15. Misty Memory (feat. ZOEE, with various)
  16. Beautiful & Lovely (with David Lin, feat. Sophie Gold)
  17. Come Catstrophes or Wakes of Vultures OST (with MAI)
  18. Water Quench (feat. Cristina Vee, lyrics by David Lin)
  19. Revealing (with Sterling Maffe, feat. various)
  20. (Believed Believes) Believing (feat. Sophie Gold, lyrics by David Lin)

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