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Rekindle is an Arknights music track acting as the leitmotif of Siege, performed by the Mongolian-American vocalist Üyanga Bold (who previously performed Lullabye and Operation Cinder).

The last part of the song is in a made-up language that resembles Turkish.

Millions of tongues record thee, and anew
Their children's lips shall echo them, and say,
"Here, where the sword united people drew,
Our countrymen were warring on that day!"


A queen in disguise,
kissing fear goodbye,
regaining her throne,
let the darkness begone!

A fire from the palace,
rising from the ashes.
Sages sing her glory,
she's the light of victory!

Nasimimi dorje,
kiye ehehera.
Dosimi mi ehere,
eh, kiri yehehe.
Nasimi ihiyehehey,
na miriyehehey.
Dosimi iyehehey,
eh! Kedieheheye!


The official music video of Rekindle
The instrumental version of Rekindle


  • Üyanga Bold is known for her work on cinema and video game soundtracks, including the 2020 film Mulan and Motherland: Fort Salem television series.

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