Der Hexenkönig

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Der Hexenkönig ("The Witch King" in German) is an Arknights music track by the Arknights Global content creator Lappy and part of the Zwillingstürme im Herbst OST.

Der Hexenkönig is specifically notable as a modern re-rendered version of Franz Schubert's "Erlkönig," which is based on the eponymous classical German poem.[1]

Der Hexenkönig is used in the second half of the Zwillingstürme im Herbst trailer.

In-game use

A looped version of Der Hexenkönig is used as the BGM of ZT-8, ZT-9, ZT-EX-1 to ZT-EX-3, ZT-EX-5 to ZT-EX-7, ZT-S-2, ZT-S-4, and ZT-TR-2.


  • Lappy is best known for making various works of fan music for the Arknights Global community before being approached by Hypergryph to produce an official Arknights music track. This also makes Lappy the third Global content creator who had produced official works for Arknights after Kirara Magic (Effervescence, part of So Long, Adele OST) and Harlequin Wheels (various short animations for Global's anniversary livestreams since the 2.5th).