Blues with You

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Blues with You (stylized as Blues with you) is an Arknights music track as part of the Lone Trail OST that was first used as the closing of CN server's 4th Anniversary livetream. It is a theme song dedicated to the directors of Rhine Lab, specifically Saria, Kristen, and Muelsyse, which narrates its noble past.


I never sensed a bond so pure
Fearless spirit, wild and adventurous
Drawn together that we couldn't hide

Lost myself in this situation
Trapped in the void, fighting for a response
Drifting apart like the moon and tide

The grip of fate, a tightening noose
Redemption’s grace, we find truth
A beacon of hope, in the darkest times
Escape from control, our hearts unbind

Breaking free, I face my affliction
Struggle to persist, to reclaim my reign
From your embrace, our hearts have untwined

Never thought I would be without you
As we surrender,
Lost in the memories of a time with you, with you, with you


The ending of CN's 4th Anniversary livetream featuring the song and the closing animation (reuploaded from Bilibili to YouTube by Kazdel Team)