Spring's Pulse

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Spring's Pulse (Chinese: 春弦; Pinyin: Chūn xián; lit. "Spring String") is an Arknights music track dedicated to Nightingale and Myrrh and released at the day of remembrance for the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic in China.[1] The Global server instead releases Spring's Pulse to comemmorate Spring 2021.

Spring's Pulse is included in the album Seasons, which was released in 2021, as a track representing the season of Spring in the album.

With the sprouting of the early spring chill and the warmth in the early morning.

[Spring's Pulse], everything is growing, everything is full of vitality.

May it praise her. Like blossom, like spring.


The official music video of Spring's Pulse, featuring Myrrh and Nightingale