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Echoism is an Arknights music track acting as the leitmotif of Civilight Eterna, performed by the American singer Casey Lee Williams who is best known for her contributions to RWBY and had previously performed Come to Light.

Reflecting the echoes of the past, the hope flows into tomorrow.
Pure thoughts and murmurs merge into the past time.
The warmth within reach is no longer an illusion.


Echoing reality
Are your memories of me?
Floating through a state
half asleep, never awake (never awake)
I won't breathe in eternity

Carrying your secrets
feeling close to who you are
You're just beyond my reach
A passing breeze
And your final moments set me free
Gentle flowing thoughts in time
Sometimes yours and sometimes mine
I can't tell where this one ends
My ever lost, forever friend

(Won't you hear my)
Reflections of my code
Sometimes I see my soul
Mirror the unknown
I knew you once were real
Your spirit theirs to steal
Conflicted, twisting consciousness I feel

Gazing through a looking glass
To a new reality (I don't know what's real)
A ribbon tied by fate leaves a trail (tie your fate to mine)
Is it peaceful, there
beyond the veil? (I don't know if I found peace)

(Won't you hear my)
(I can almost hear you speak)
Reflections of my code
(I wish you could feel me breathe)
Sometimes I see my soul
(Carry on as if you're me)
Mirror the unknown
(Take my love and plant the seed)
I knew you once were real
(I am still right here)
Your spirit theirs to steal
(Everything is dark)
Conflicted, twisting consciousness I feel

Echoes lost, and I'm still here
Sometimes fate is less than clear


The official music video of Echoism (reuploaded from Bilibili by Kazdel Team)

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