Control's Wishes

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Control's Wishes is an Arknights music track as part of the Lone Trail OST. It is also used in the Lone Trail event's trailers.

In-game uses

A looped version of Control's Wishes, titled m_bat_cstlrs in the game files, is used as as the BGM of CW-10, CW-EX-8, and CW-S-4.


  • Control's Wishes feature an excerpt from the launch countdown of Voyager I, the first space probe that has ever departed from the Solar System,[1] which can be heard from 00:54 to 01:10.
    • Interestingly, if CW-10 is runned in normal speed without interruptions (e.g. pausing the game or selecting a unit, which can be easily done in Auto Deploy), the countdown will exactly end (after saying "We have a liftoff!") when Kristen spawns.[2]


  1. VOYAGER 1 - Launch (1977/09/05) (YouTube; the countdown sequence used in Control's Wishes is heard up to 0:13)
  2. 在CW-10体验官方轴的震撼 (Bilibili, in Chinese)