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Come to Light is a song made for Arknights to commemorate the Global server's first anniversary, composed and produced by Jeff Williams, and performed by Casey Lee Williams, both are best known for their contributions to RWBY.


Years ago, there was a time,
Days were peaceful, life was kind,
'Til sickness filled our world,
And changed the paradigm.

Soon the ill became despised,
Fear infecting every mind.
Could we shield the weak from hate?
Somehow we had to try.
Sure, our strategy was right,
Though we knew we'd pay some price,
Protecting the abused,
Seemed worth the sacrifice.

But, day by day, uncertainties arise,
The cost of triumph feels greater than the prize.
What seemed so simple,
A choice of dark or light.
It's clear now that it's not the case of black or white.

It doesn't matter who's wrong or right,
We could look for peace or try to fight,
Different paths, different names,
In the end, it was all the same,
We're saving lives.

We can wage a war and drown in pride,
But another struggle's deep inside.
There's a way through the storm,
When our hearts are reborn,
If our faith survives,
We can save more lives!

Won the battle, but our scars,
Leave us doubting who we are,
A transformation looms,
Our hearts have travelled far.
Lessons learned, we turn the page,
We carry on, we're not afraid,
Resurrection near,
Our minds prepared to change.

To search and grow's a dance with the divine,
Reawakened – A chance to redefine,
To start all over,
See through a child's eyes,
Reborn into a better form, a brand new life.

It doesn't matter who's wrong or right,
We can see it now, there's hope in sight.
Though our paths might have changed,
Our goal is still the same,
We're saving lives.

When we trust ourselves, we'll start to rise,
We can make it to the other side.
Found our way through the storm,
Now our hearts are reborn,
With our faith revived,
And we'll save more lives!


The official music video of Come to Light, produced by Studio Yuraki

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