Stultifer Cantus (Song of Fools)

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Stultifer Cantus (Song of Fools) is an Arknights music track part of the Stultifera Navis OST. It is also used in the Stultifera Navis event's trailers.

Unlike the previous one in Under Tides and Feels which focus on the terror of the Seaborn, Stultifer Cantus emphasizes the Iberians' determination to recapture the coastlines and restore their golden age.


The Golden Age will return again!

Remember when the days were young,
Iberia's future's bright as the sun.
She whispers when the sails ascend:
"The Golden Age will return again!" [×2]

The morning sky warns of threatening seas.
Years go by, more forget our beliefs.
And the storm we must endure, my friend,
before the Golden Age will return again! [×3]

In-game uses

A looped version of Stultifer Cantus, titled m_bat_dsdevr in the game files, is used as as the BGM of SN-10, SN-EX-8, and SN-S-5, making it one of the few Arknights BGMs with voiced lyrics.


  • The line "The Golden Age will return again!" had become a meme within the Arknights community due to it being repeatedly said on the looped version of Stultifer Cantus and in SN's trailers.

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