Zone 10−8

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Zone 10-8 (stylized as Zone 10−8) is an Arknights music acting as the leitmotif of Ethan.

Shaking the spray paint violently, capturing irregular color blocks, grabbing a cluster of abstract symbols to let them grow wild around the corner.

Tramped across the shouts from the void chain in the bottom of the pond, left a sneer at the tired souls in the building.

"Zone 10-8" conceals the surge of freedom behind the rhythm, bizarre and motley, nowhere to flee, following the euphoric curve sketched by the spin of the string, and riding on the jet coaster of the beat to slide into the luminescence field.

May you get rid of your shackles in high-speed neural transmission and regain your mood.

Finally, a warm reminder, it's normal if your food disappears occasionally when listening to this song, please don't panic.


The official music video of Zone 10−8


  • Zone 10-8 is the only Operator leitmotif dedicated to a non-6★ Operator.