Towards Her Light

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Towards Her Light is an Arknights music track acting as the leitmotif of Saileach, performed by the Irish-American singer Hannah Crowley.

Faith hides low in morning light, and waits for mist to scatter 'part.
A white sail bids so long to straying, rides for watchout's harbor heart.
A gentle guide, a firm direction. Here, now, forth she sings and goes.
[Towards Her Light], to light she sallies, sallies to the light she chose.


Where the spring mists settle
as the valleys breathe,
And the hillock's shadow light and calm.
You're naught to feel unwanted
though the world might abhor,
Your home is in Victoria, Victoria... once more.

When the night wind calls us
to the tussling fields,
Lost in battle, weary in your heart.
I'll uphold her honor
as we march to the shore.
And I will see
Victoria, Victoria, once more.

My heart will sing Victoria, Victoria... once more.

Her light, a harbor for faithless.
She won't let you fall.
When the darkness calls you,
Anchor safe in her walls.
Like a shield, she's Victoria.

Her love for you is an army.
Protected and served.
When you're lost, unwanted,
She's your hope, preserved.
Like a sword, she's Victoria.

Even if I wander
yon' the hills towards Sargon,
She'll keep calling
and her beacon lead
like a warship steady through the storm.
I am left unshaken, I'm safe in her arms.

The solace of Victoria.

Hopeful in Victoria.

My heart will sing Victoria.

March past the dusty moors,
Shake off a thousand wars,
Leaving, not left alone.
Victoria is our home...

You're naught to feel unwanted
though the world might abhor.
Your home is in Victoria... once more...


The official music video of Towards Her Light