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Summum Voti (Latin for "The Greatest Wish") is an Arknights music track part of Arknights OST 4, performed by an unknown singer known as "Buttercup". It is entirely in Latin, making it one of the two only Arknights music tracks with this distinction alongside Winter Absolution.

Summum Voti is notably used in the animated introduction of Episode 10.


In sanguinem umbram
in coronam in vocato.
O monarcha quae spirat
iuvenes, te te spinas in coronam sensit?
Animas et gladium alitum, sanguine proto in pro hostium facto.

Thronum immortalem providentiam, inveniam in tuo absentia tuo.
O Dominum ab O statore O terva, in ubi nostra turrem instrue?
As the bleeding shadow
engulfs the crown...
O monarch who breathes young,
felt you the thorns within your diadem.
Soul and sword aligned, with blood of kin and foe 'twere stained.

Throne an immortal providence, kindred in grim absence.
O Lord of the Darkest Host, to where has our Toppled Tower laid?


The animated teaser using the said song


  • In 0:15 of the animated introduction, there appears in a flash a wall of text with Theresis and Theresa leading the Sarkaz armies, depicting their past. The text is roughly translated as this with blurry and missing ones represented as black squares:
Hidden text in the PV
■ siege hunger will be an unavoidable problem

the green haired Feline the leader of the enemy forces may be our ■
■ up with this battle plan I wasn't sure whether it is ■
■ results for myself
■ it will be a long time before I finish this dress
it's still a long way from winter

Another Requiem Festival is drawing near
■ a lot of families were ■re■aring for the ceremony
■ doing for the past few decades
■ in Kazdel a real celebration ■
■ those who have ■ things ■ happening
■ the sun rises in Kazdel
■ and determined but I still ■ will turn around before
■ decided on it will take as long time on construction

■ was just like the sword in his hand reflecting ■ light
■ in from the west today, ■ the end they ■ by the sword ■
I had thought about ■ them

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