Where the Rabbit Goes

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Where the Rabbit Goes (Hanzi: 兔兔在哪里?; Pinyin: Tùtù zàinǎlǐ?) is an Arknights music track released to commemorate Chinese New Year 2023 (CN)/2024 (Global), performed by the Chinese electronica band THE EITHER (who previously performs Daydaydream and Random Randomly).

It has been a meaningful year for all Cautus people in Yan, Doctor. In fact, we should call our Cautus Operators out for a... Wait, where's the rabbit gone?


The official music video of Where the Rabbit Goes, featuring Aak, Hung, Waai Fu and Lee

The instrumental version of Where the Rabbit Goes


  • The song's entire lyric is the same as its title, and the name is to conjugate with the Chinese zodiac for the year 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit. Surprisingly, this song was released in Global at the end or 2023 even though it was still the year of Rabbit in terms of Chinese calendar.

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