Hunter's Song

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Hunter's Song is an Arknights music track part of the Stultifera Navis OST and dedicated to the Abyssal Hunters. It was first released at the end of the CN server 3rd anniversary livestream alongside a short 3D animation clip.

It is hinted that the song is rewritten from the one sung by Skadi during Under Tides.[1]

Unlike the rest of the music in the Stultifera Navis OST, Hunter's Song does not appear in-game.


Home, left her homeland miles behind.
The hunter she walks, on the seacoast way
with her path before her.
Crash, and the driftwood floats, evermore.
It's the salt on my skin
leaving their mark, where the walls once towered.

Oh, it's more than a dream;
It's a play, the tides attending.
Oh, our world comes apart at the seams

From the chaos,
scared and afraid,
I will wander.
I will remain
strong, but it sets with the sun.
Hopeless, I'm chasing the dawn.
And I wander, wander on.


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