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Rhythm in Literature is an Arknights music track dedicated to the Playwright, performed by the American soprano singer Holly Sedillos (who previously performs Awaken) and the Indian-American musician Gaayatri Kaundinya.

Rhythm in Literature's lyrics are in a made-up language that resembles French, likely to represent the Gallic background and French inspirations of the Crimson Troupe and Phantom & Crimson Solitaire as a whole.

Though hand holds not paper nor pen,
That never bade him not to write;
And thin this parchment soon will then,
Ruin countless lives of countless men.

In-game use

A looped version of Rhythm in Literature, titled m_bat_cswrtr in the game files, is used as the BGM of New Chapter where the Playwright appears as the one of the four possible final bosses of Crimson Solitaire. This also makes Rhythm in Literature one of the few Arknights BGMs with voiced lyrics.


The official music video of Rhythm in Literature, featuring the Playwright and Lucian the "Blood Diamond"

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