Keep Holding On

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Keep Holding On is an Arknights music track produced to commemorate the release of Invitation to Wine in the Global server, performed by the Russian-born American singer Polina Gudieva, or better known as simply Polina.


I've been so lost and confused
The things that holds me together
Feels like they're coming loose

It's like anytime that I try
I just can't get it right
Oh, this could go on forever
I need some room to move

It's hard, so hard, hard to breathe
The signs are so unclear to me
Home don't feel like home
And this world feels so unknown

The heart needs time to be free
The voice inside is calling me
Telling me to let go
But I just can't let it go

I'm discovering myself
Take my heart off this shelf
Dust it up, plug it in
See if blood still bumps through it

And I have been wondering
If I was meant for more in this life?
'Cause I've got dreams that flow like streams
And I will go where my heart leads

Keep pushing on and follow your heart
When the world seems cold, remember who you are
Yeah, I know myself, and I know my soul
This is who I am, and I won't hide it anymore

There's beauty all around and I hear it calling
Like a voice inside, a new day is dawning
And I've found meaning in the depths of my core
So keep on dreaming and keep holding on

Keep holding on


The official music video of Keep Holding On

The official music video of Keep Holding On

A behind the scenes video about Keep Holding On featuring Polina Gudieva herself