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This article is about the music. For the Contingency Contract event, see Contingency Contract Spectrum.

Operation Spectrum, in this page, refers to two separate Arknights music tracks. Both are made by the Japanese indie music artists cybermiso, DOT96, and tigerlily (not to be confused with the Australian DJ of the same stage name), and released in the same album alongside themes for Operation Lead Seal and Operation Wild Scales.

  • The first track, titled simply Operation Spectrum, serves as the theme of Contingency Contract Spectrum and is used as the BGM of C.C. Spectrum's menu.
  • The battle theme, which is used as the BGM of Arena 8, is titled Operation Spectrum Battle Theme.



  • Excluding the unreleased themes of Contingency Contract Beta and Barrenland, Operation Spectrum is the only instrumental Contingency Contract theme (if the computer-generated or sampled voices are excluded).

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