Snowy Night

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Snowy Night is an Arknights music track released to commemorate Christmas 2022 (CN)/2023 (Global), performed by the American actor and singer Riley Costello.

Fireplace cozying up the sunroom–gingerbread, apples and candy canes glinting in the rafters.
A [Snowy Night] is a warm slice of rest this winter. Happy holidays, friend.


Snowy white,
warm and toasty 'cuz its Christmas time.
Come inside,
light the fire, because its Christmas time.
All the joy togetherness brings,
we forget the world, we laugh, and drink and sing.
Stay a while, Christmas makes me smile.

Silver bells,
cozy blankets sparkly Christmas trees.
Stockings hung,
baking treats, it means so much to see.
Stop the world a moment for me.
Let me live inside the snowglobe of my dreams.
Stay and play, Christmas is today!

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
the world all a glow.
We wish you a Merry Christmas
when your warm heart melts the snow!

When Christmas fades,
we will have the joy and memories we made!
Hold them dear, so
Christmas lasts all year!
Dashing through the snow.


The official music video of Snowy Night, featuring Ifrit, Silence, Saria and Muelsyse
The instrumental version of Snowy Night