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Test Collection
Always Unique
//Test Collection
-Qualification confirmed
-Orders closed
//Appointment required for apparel requests, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for production.
//All rights reserved.
Test Collection slide 0.png
Test Collection/I
Amiya Skin 1.png
Model: Amiya
Illustrator: 唯@W
One of Amiya's favorite outfits.
The sky of Londinium is always gray.
Test Collection/Newsgirl. Available only in certain regions, this remake of a classic design utilizes the best materials and contains carefully-sewn details. An extra custom-made letter opener is included.
Available from: Secret Sanctuary (300 Contract Bounty icon.png) • [CN] Certificate Store (40 Distinction Certificate icon.png or 400 Universal Certificate icon.png)
Release: Opening Event Part 2
Species Plantarum
Perfumer Skin 1.png
Model: Perfumer
Illustrator: Lanzi
One of Perfumer's work clothes.
She's emitting the fragrance of countless flowers.
Test Collection/Species Plantarum. Available only in certain regions, this remake of a classic design utilizes the best materials carefully hand-sewn details. An extra custom-made multifunctional tool bag is included.
Available from: Secret Sanctuary (300 Contract Bounty icon.png)
Release: Sign-In Event
Test Collection/II
Fresh Fastener
Amiya Skin 2.png
Model: Amiya
Illustrator: 唯@W
One of Amiya's casual outfits.
The mysterious shopkeeper signed a dream-like agreement with the young lass, Amiya, hoping that she would be able to deliver love and piping-hot food to every customer.
Test Collection Series/Fresh Fastener. An outfit worn by Amiya while working for a Rhodes Island restaurant. This poofy coat is cold-resistant, and has enough room to hold something penguin-sized.
Available from: Secret Sanctuary (300 Contract Bounty icon.png)
Release: 1st Anniversary Celebration
Test Collection/III
The Law
Saria Skin 2.png
Model: Saria
Illustrator: NoriZC
One of Saria's special costumes.
Submission is order. Order is justice.
Test Collection Series/The Law. The jailer garments Saria used when entering Mansfield State Prison, largely in line with the female jailer's standard uniform.
Available from: Outfit Store (18 Originite Prime icon.png)
Release: Mansfield Break
Test Collection/IV
Amiya Skin 3.png
Model: Amiya
Illustrator: 唯@W
One of Amiya's casual outfits.
Planting, fostering, all for tomorrow.
Test Collection Series/Seedsower. A loose yet comfortable outdoors fit. Comes with an exclusive miniature mountain-grade rucksack and an agricultural nursery kit. The designer has one small wish of her own, and hopes that we can all help to realize it.
Available from: Pre-order code redemption
Release: Alongside Arknights Official Artworks Volume 1
Test Collection/V
Phantom Skin 2.png
Model: Phantom
Illustrator: Skade
Has dynamic artwork
One of Phantom's theater outfits.
Phantom's life is a play, but the members of the Troupe have no right to concern themselves with how it unfolds.
Test Collection Series/Focus. The attire Phantom wore when he left for the castle, and the costume for his maiden performance. After an age of gathering dust, it finally sees the light of day again.
Available from: Reach Level 95 in Castle Notes
Release: Phantom & Crimson Solitaire
Test Collection/VI
Traceless Walker
Adnachiel Skin 1.png
Model: Adnachiel
Illustrator: 一立里子
One of Adnachiel's casual outfits.
Before reuniting with his teammates, he took up the duties of a Legatus, traveling among the nations of Terra.
Test Collection Series/Traceless Walker. Custom-made by the Lateran for certain Legati. Sankta who get custom outfits all share a common feature: there is something unusual about their halos.
Available from: Library (350 Library Card.png) • [CN] Record Restoration
Release: To Be Continued
Test Collection/VII
Snowstorm Invitation
Steward Skin 1.png
Model: Steward
Illustrator: 一立里子
One of Steward's casual outfits.
Prior to his reunion with his teammates, Steward mingled with businesspeople of all nations, carefully weighing the benefits each of them could bring Kjerag.
Test Collection Series/Snowstorm Invitation. An outfit tailor-made by Karlan Trade for their affiliated business negotiators. First impressions are of the utmost importance in trade talks. Steward knows this well, and has never failed to live up to expectations.
Available from: Login Event (Day 5)
Release: Snow Upon Autumnal Winds Login Event
Test Collection/VIII
Summer Feast
Mizuki Skin 1.png
Model: Mizuki
Illustrator: Namie
Has dynamic artwork
One of Mizuki's casual outfits.
Summer, a party, an uneventful life, a drink in one hand, and a game in the other. What else can be called happiness?
Test Collection Series/Summer Feast. Mizuki wears this when feasting on the beach. The material is stain-resistant and provides plenty of room for extra appendages.
Available from: Reach Level 95 in Ecosequence
Release: Mizuki & Caerula Arbor
Test Collection/IX
Midnight Delivery
Exusiai Skin 3.png
Model: Exusiai
Illustrator: 尾鱼
One of Exusiai's casual outfits.
The night before the Doctor's team arrives at Lungmen, Exusiai and Texas have gathered all the intel needed. Before going back to rest, however, Texas forced her to put on this partner-provided uniform and rehearsed multiple courses of action.
Test Collection Series/Midnight Delivery. As part of our cooperation agreement, Rhodes Island ordered this operator uniform for Exusiai. She can be seen wearing it, from time to time, during operations in Lungmen.
Available from: Packs Store (Prelude to Dawn Pack)
Release: February 21, 2023
Test Collection/X
A Ray of Sunshine
Lava Skin 1.png
Model: Lava
Illustrator: 下野宏铭
One of Lava's casual outfits.
May you be like these flowers, always filled with anticipation for tomorrow.
Test Collection Series/A Ray of Sunshine. Designed outfits for travel, with each operator's primary color as the base tone, complemented by contrasting outerwear as accents.
Available from: Pre-order code redemption
Release (CN): Alongside Arknights Official Artworks Volume 2
There They Be
Saga Skin 1.png
Model: Saga
Illustrator: 多元菌
One of Saga's casual outfits.
"This side or the other, real or ethereal. If before thou stands a bandit or a village girl, then I am simply yet another dream, yet unawakened."
Test Collection Series/There They Be. Saga's attire when she left P'o-shan Village, with Biteys for pockets and straw sandals. What is in the scrolls cannot be removed, but after so much time spent with oneselves, what was drawn in ink is now etched in the heart.
Available from: Outfit Store (18 Originite Prime icon.png)
Release: Hortus de Escapismo
Test Collection/XI
After Storm
Ch'en Skin 2.png
Model: Ch'en
Illustrator: 伍秋秋秋秋
One of Ch'en's work outfits.
The warm sun pierces through the clouds, and what were once the vestiges of frost have now, with the advent of spring, become the first sign of the nurturing land nourishing its children.
Test Collection Series/After Storm. Frost inevitably gives way to a clear day. Ch'en Hui-chieh patrols the city in her first L.G.D. uniform, re-inspecting the metropolis both familiar and foreign to her.
Available from: Packs Store (Perish in Frost Pack)
Release: February 27, 2024