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Arknights Official Artworks is, as the title suggests, the official artbooks of Arknights by Hypergryph.

Volume 1

The first volume of Arknights Official Artworks was first announced during the CN's first anniversary livestream in 2020. It contains Operator artworks and concept arts from its first launch up until and including Ancient Forge, along with some interviews regarding the creative process.

Those who pre-ordered the first volume will be given two special gifts: the Seedsower outfit for Amiya through a special redemption code given and a small package of chrysanthemum seeds.

A Japanese version of the first volume is announced to be in the works by Yostar during the lead-up to Il Siracusano's release.[1] The data for Seedsower has been added to Global's game files in the Lone Trail update, thus the first volume is likely to be published alongside Global's 4th anniversary in mid January 2024.


However, the first volume was soon embroiled into a serious controversy due to its poor quality, mainly from lack of content in which it only shows the Operators' Elite 2 artworks without the concept artworks as promised, as well as printing and grammar issues among others. Furthermore, the chrysanthemum seeds given turned out to not be chrysanthemum at all, but other plants such as chili.[2]

This was one of the main factors that sparks the major controversy during Dossoles Holiday; see Dossoles Holiday/Trivia#Controversy for more information.

Reset edition

In response to the aforementioned controversy, the Reset edition was announced to be in the works during CN server's 3rd anniversary livestream. It was set to be published in June 2022, but postponed to August due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in China at the time. The Reset edition's quality is much more improved than the original, with the inclusion of the Operators' concept arts (including their outfits) and an apology for the shortcomings of the original edition.

Those who had already pre-ordered the original edition (before April 20, 2022) will be able to obtain the Reset edition for free, while those who purchased the Reset edition but not the original could redeem the Seedsower outfit.

The Japanese version of the first volume will be of the Reset edition instead of the original edition.

Volume 2

Arknights Official Artwork vol.2 teaser banner.png

The second volume of Arknights Official Artworks was announced to be in the works during CN's 3.5th anniversary livestream. It will feature new information including a detailed structure of the Rhodes Island landship.

Those who pre-ordered the second volume will be able to redeem the A Ray of Sunshine outfit for Lava.