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The Arknights Concept Trailer 4, also known as Arknights PV 4, is a trailer released for Arknights, acting as a teaser to the, at the time of writing, upcoming Episode 14 as well as the future Act of Main Theme and future events. It was released in the CN server part of the fifth anniversary of Arknights, three years after PV3; the Global server will likely follow suit in late October to early November 2024, the timeframe of the 2nd Celebration event in 2024. The PV4 is seen as the "begin of the endgame" of Arknights as it unleashes further secrets regarding the First Civilization as well as Terra's preparation against their ultimate enemy — the Observers.

Unlike PV3 but similar with the earlier PV 1 and 2, The trailer uses Telescope, a 2014 song taken from the band's pre-existing discography.


As Telescope starts playing, a retro computer screen display is shown with the following screen being displayed. Someone operates the computer and scrolls along the options before clicking on "CHK BOST_LIST".

CHK INI_STATUS [ ] [999] - Certified
SEL NETWORK [ ] LOCAL - CEL_FUL handshake failed.
EXTRADICTION MORE [ ] This credential lacks authentication
SEL SANDBOX [/] Cannot changed. Status [999] - Committed

The screen shifts to "PLEASE WAIT." only to show "PROTECTED CONTENT; SIGNAL INTERRUPTED". The next scene displays another computer screen displaying seven folders of documents:

1>Project #1 [ ] E0 :"Preservator" NO SIGNAL
2>Project #1 [ ] E1 :"Caerula Arbor" NO SIGNAL
3>Project #2 [ ] E2 :Pro■-■■■: "CeleA101tial Ful NO SIGNAL
4>Project #1 [ ] E3 "Celestial Fulcrum" NO SIGNAL
5>Project #1 [ ] E4 "Deci■■■■■■■ Expa■■ese" ...

The computer screen disappears and a device displaying halo-like projection is shown.


The computer screen appears again, with two more new documents:

1>Project #1 [ ] E0 :"Preservator" NO SIGNAL
2>Project #1 [ ] E1 :"Caerula Arbor" NO SIGNAL
3>Project #2 [ ] E2 :Pro■-■■■: "CeleA101tial Ful NO SIGNAL
4>Project #1 [ ] E3 "Celestial Fulcrum" NO SIGNAL
5>Project #1 [ ] E4 "Deci■■■■■■■ Expa■■ese" NO SIGNAL
6>Project #2 [ ] E5 Pro■■■■: 500CS Sys■■■■m NO SIGNAL
7>Project __ [ ] E6

The following images are shown in succession:

  • Multiple deserted Sarcophagi lying in the Hall of Stasis who gradually turn off.
  • A computer screen displaying Caerula Arbor the Firstborn slowly collapsing.
  • Several animal skeletons including a Tyrannosaurus, a blue whale, a Pteranodon, a big cat, and a camel can be seen shortly flashing. After that, a statue of Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health can be seen standing before the skeleton silhouettes.
  • A statue of Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health, in the dark.
  • A transparent wall with cryptic diagrams and symbols is shown, and the camera slowly moves into a diamond-shape diagram symbolizing Originium surrounded by magnetic field lines. Behind it, a a vast ocean is shown -- the Ocean of Solaris.

Camera quickly moves from the ground filled with wire to a far shot of someone standing in front of a Sarcophagus. In a close-up shot its revealed to be Priestess and she is wearing spectacles.
Scenes shifts from the closeup shot of structure of the Sarcophagus, a scene of migrating fowls, to a silhouette of Priestess with flashback from the scenes of PV 1 and 2 to the Reunion Arc.

Amiya wearing a dirty robe is shown, then the scene quickly turns black with the sound of a stopping record player. Right after, the screen shows DEBATE.

The altar with the red diamond shape from PV3 is shown once again while Priestess is talking:

Priestess: Now, we've once again found those stars. You once promised that when their last glitters fall onto Terra, you will help me stop those rays of light.

A flash image of a human statue and then an animal vertebrae is shown. Priestess continues as a Originium shard is shown which slowly mutates with cuts of her silhouette shown in between.

Priestess: So, grab my hand, Doctor. Let's go. You will always be on my side right?

The following images are shown in succession:

  • A greed field with three deformed human-like structure counting down until the respective number before turning 0: 1,100,000, 3,700,000, and 73,730. The three human shapes eventually turns into Kal'tsit wearing a dark-green robe.
  • Kal'tsit curls herself up while being surrounded by a snake-like skeleton resembling the Ouroboros, and the scene quickly turns to a black pixelated image of a black-haired girl resembling her.
  • Siege wearing a dark robe leaves the Victoria Crown behind and steps down into the stairs of light.
  • A symbol resembling a wolf's face is shown, and it turns into Lappland's blazing left eye.
  • Several silhouettes of new characters are shown: a female in a green jacket with "KEEP OUT" lables around, a golden-haired Vulpo woman wearing a similar ornament with Suzuran's pocket omamori, a Vampire-like woman with an unknown figure behind her.
  • A young girl in torn robe is casting her Arts around a city while facing a skyscraper with the diamond diagram.
  • A Seaborn-like creature resembling Caerula Arbor, with several symbols bearing resemblances with those on the nameless stele in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.
  • A Sarkaz man and a Sankta woman holding their hands – symbolizing their shared origin as Teekaz – followed by a scene of a diminishing halo-like structure bearing Originium and surrounding Laterano's emblem.
  • A pile of old televisions broadcasting strange symbols before turning into one that resembles a solar system. The televisions then slowly shut down.

The credits are shown. Shortly after, a texts are displayed on the screen of the computer from the beginning:

The Ark fell, the immolated carcass plunged through the chasm of the sky which it itself ignited;
Life faded away, its final drops of clearest wishes lost to a cold, stern ground of Originium assimilation.
I will be their witness. And I reject with no hesitation. A conduit for the future should not have hope frozen in it.
I stand upon Terra.

The following images are shown in succession:

  • Kjera standing from afar and gazing upon Rhine Lab's research base on Mount Karlan, Kjerag.
  • Blueprints of the Uraniborg, or the "Empyreana Kazdellia" – the floating city of Kazdel and the Sarkaz' truthful Promised Land Nasti Lunorey envisions – with a meeting room having its model and facing towards the clear blue sky filled with white clouds.

A text is displayed:

Look, the stars. They're close now, aren't they?

The following images are shown in succession:

  • A spacecraft with red signal light floating around the space debris.
  • The Door, under the Black Hole Protocol, reactivates again.
  • Several Feranmuts roaming on the ground and flying in the cloudy sky.
  • Amiya and the Doctor following a black-robbed procession while gazing upon the Feranmuts in daze.
  • Originium veins quickly corrode the mountains and the fields, with red pillar-like symbols emerging from the ground likely to show devastated human settlements.
  • Originium continues its erosion with a map of Terra showing two major cities becoming victims: Perdoni, the capital of Iberia, and Ultramassive, the capital of Rim Billiton.
  • A collapsed structure in the wilderness.
  • A girl standing beside a wall filled with strange diagonal symbols.

The scene quickly cuts off to show the diagonal symbol. Then, another text on the computer is displayed:

"This Terra is Ours."


ARG campaign

Similar with PV3, PV4 contains encrypted messages that are essential keys for an alternate reality game (ARG) campaign. The messages were noticed and then deciphered by the CN community code-deciphering group Team Future (FUTURE攻坚组), the direct successor of the once active Egypt GORIE.

Phase 1

The decipherment began with a series of Baudot codes (modern ITA2) and the "http://" link hidden in 3:15 of the video which was deciphered as "stand by her side." Upon entering it with the official website of Arknights' CN server (, it displayed a crossword puzzle with seven clues and a login system. These clues represented the names of the stars in our universe or their astronomical coordinates: "Algol," Alphard," "Pleione," "Antares," "Capella," "Regulus," and "Alhena (now called γ Gem)." Filling the answers and arranging the puzzle would then result in the username "ELCARO," or "Oracle." (The Doctor's former team name as revealed in the Babel event) The password for the login system was hinted through two different clues, which was revealed to be "11708102," or July 11th, 2018, the date of Arknights' second beta test in the CN server.

The result webpage featuring a transparent cassette after completing the word puzzle

After entering the username and the password on the login system, a website was displayed featuring a transparent cassette tape with a crossed out name "Oracle-2" in a blue screen. Participants then just needed to fill in the name, contact number, and their house address. Thus, this ended the first phase of the decoding game.

Phase 2

The second decoding game occurred on May 16th, 2024, when the players participating in the ARG campaign received a transparent cassette tape that was identical with the one in the website, thirty cassette tapes in total, with a Klein Blue J-card. The cassette tapes featured a six-minute long voice message in Mandarin given by the Doctor who was voiced by their Chinese VA in the anime, Feng Junhua.

The Doctor's/Oracle's Voice Diary

"The Custodian", TT 9th March 209, 16:29

"The Fosterer", TT 23rd December 228, 02:16

"The Security", TT 16th January 229, 09:46
爱德,这是我最后一次向你说明我的看法。很快,所有的人造天体都会成为轨道上的墓碑,再也没人可以对他们发号施令,你也一样。我还记得你的小副业,那家开在拖船里的老餐馆,没有合成设备,只有围裙和烤炉,而你是最后一个知道怎么宰杀动物、怎么把他们加工成食物的人。你总是反对我们遗忘,所以爱德,我希望你能够理解,我们需要的不是胜利,是存续。天堂支点的确是一件强大的武器,但我们的敌人无法被武器打倒,设置 ■■■■ 没有意义。

"The Lumberer", TT


"The Custodian", TT 9th March 209, 16:29
I still remember the last time we debated; you said you would never work with fools again even if they were the last person in the universe trying to save civilization. Now, it seems I am also a fool, but I am certainly not the last person attempting to do something. By now, you must have said goodbye to your family, but they still don't know that you won't enter the Sarcophagus. We both know that the Preserver Project didn't gain much support. The reason is not that the project cannot save everyone, but that someone must make a cruel sacrifice. You will spend a long time alone, yet I will wait for the sunlight to disperse from the orbital mirrors and extinguish the light in front of me. Friston, the last fool on Terra, I bid you farewell.

"The Fosterer", TT 23rd December 228, 02:16
Law, I'm sorry to keep replying to you, but here is some belated good news. Your several-kilometers-large giant friends inside the Caerula Arbor, their living tissue's environmental adaptability analysis is fully complete. According to the analysis, they can survive the destruction. But they'll also need a lot of time to become vessels that spread new hope. Law, please don't think your success came too late for us. Let them live on; these beautiful marine creatures need not to join our destruction. Perhaps in the future, they will carry a bit of the dust we leave behind, taking their first step into the cold void.

"The Security", TT 16th January 229, 09:46
Ed, this is the last time I'll share my viewpoint with you. Soon, all artificial celestial bodies will become tombstones in orbit. No one will be able to command them anymore, including you. I still remember your little side business, that old restaurant on the tugboat. No synthetic equipment, just aprons and ovens. You were the last person who knew how to slaughter animals and process them into food. You always opposed our forgetting. So, Ed, I hope you understand that what we need is not "victory," but "survival." The Celestial Fulcrum is indeed a powerful weapon, but our enemy cannot be defeated by mere weapons. Setting up ■■■■ is meaningless.

"The Lumberer", TT
Imagine an imperfect forest where insects and birds are rare, and no predatory beasts roaming around. Sometimes, there will be two seedlings that were originally similar; one withers in its youth, while the others grows a flourishing canopy. Some trees will often cast malicious shadows, causing their neighbors to wither in the shade. These are not that terrifying; they are just trees after all. But in this forest there lives a lumberjack. He diligently swings his axe, and the trees fall one by one before him, regardless of whether their branches are magnificent, their fruits sweet, or their leaves colorful in the sunlight. No tree knows the origin of this lumberjack. Those ancient trees have long become silent, and no tree can stop the lumberjack from swinging his axe. Even the most intricate branches will be split. Could you imagine there is such a forest with such a lumberjack?

Let's continue. On this day, the lumberjack raised his axe as usual, and another tree fell before him. But after the lumberjack turned away, branches sprouted from the stump, and the broken branches rejoined. The clearing made by the lumberjack grew dense with trees once again, and it didn't stop there. Transparent resin engulfed a forest that only existed in stories. Soon, before you, only a beautiful amber remains. No trees swaying in the wind, no lumberjack's axe, no fibers of fractals, functions, and philosophy growing in the moist soil. Now, I need you to remember the appearance of this amber. It's truly beautiful.

In the fourth section of the video, the chapter of "The Lumberer", several numbers were spoken in machine in every sentence, and they were identical with the codes in GB 2312, the standard computing code for Chinese characters in Simplified Chinese. These codes then provided another set of message:

3015 4472 3667 5552 2826 5220 4215 3631 1774 5049 3012 2492 2436 1168 4764 4837 0333 0345 0365 0110 0317 0316


The J-card came with a sentence in Spanish, both on the front and the back. They were both quoted from poems written by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, the front being from En la voz del poeta collected in the Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair and the latter from La poesía:

Me miran con tua ojos las estrellas más grandes.
Y vi de pronto el cielo desgranado, palnetas, plantaciones palpitantes, la sombra perforada, acribillada por flechas, fuego, y flores, la noche arrolladora, el universo

The largest stars look at me with your eyes.
And I saw all of a sudden the heaven must be rebuilt and open, planets, plantations pulsating, riddled with arrows, fires and flowers, evening overwhelming the universe.

The J-card also contained an encrypted message with several black stripes that were divided into different sections based on the recipients. The black stripes were Code 49 barcode that, when grouped together, meant "overcontact binary." When puzzled together, the message hidden beneath the barcodes was deciphered as this:

Lynchpin of Substantia Grisea
PV4-Decoding game image 6.png
Never forget where you are going. Subspace may have been conquered, and off-course mind may be your only enemy in a voyage, yet it is still a great one.
The term "lynchpin" can only refers to a widely adopted therapy that utilizes a noninvasive mind-implanting technique to sharpen an individual's spatial perception, and memory capacity. Most recipients, or "lynchpined," any subspace navigators onboard any SST-capable vessels, the such enhancement are vital to them in carrying out their duties.
In summary, "lynchpin" takes effect by imprinting an individual's mind pattern in a critical debate process and periodically restimulating the same pattern in that individual's meta-consciousness layer. For navigators, this will almost always ensure a spontaneous, clear and logical recognition of a specific travel destination, otherwise proved difficult under prolonged subspace exposure.

Phase 2 progress gallery

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