Lee's Detective Agency: A Day in Lungmen

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Lee's Detective Agency: A Day in Lungmen is an Arknights original video animation (OVA) series produced by GRAVITY WELL, Hypergryph's in-house animation studio. It is a mini-series focusing on the daily business of the Lee's Detective Agency.

The series was first announced in Arknights CN's 3rd anniversary livestream with the Global server following suit sometime prior to the release of Near Light, and aired on Bilibili and Crunchyroll since December 23, 2022. A second season was announced during the 4th anniversary livestream with unspecified release date.

Home Service

A pilot episode titled Home Service was produced by HMCH Animation Studio (寒木春华动画), best known for The Legend of Hei and All Saints Street webtoon series. The video was released in the Global server on the 2.5th anniversary livestream.

In the episode, the L.D.A. members are fighting through a throng of Feline thugs trying to steal the sample of a medical product they are protecting in various comical action scenes before managing to escape.

In the Chinese version, Hai Mao, the head producer of Arknights, made a cameo as the voice actor of the Feline thugs.


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  • Uncle Tung
  • Meng
  • Don Felino LDA.png
    Don Felino: The enigmatic boss of Lungmen's "Cat Mafia", and an old rival and acquaintance of Lin Kojui. It's later revealed that, despite leading a Feline-formed criminal organization, he's actually more avian in nature.

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