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A list of livestreams in the EN server (part of the Global server) of Arknights.

1.5th Anniversary

2nd Anniversary

Hosted by Libao and Dennis of Yostar, the 2nd anniversary livestream of Arknights EN announces Dossoles Holiday.

The livestream provides the following statistical facts, sorted from the highest to lowest.

  1. Most Assigned Assistants: Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Amiya, W, Surtr, Mudrock
  2. The Doctors' Pick of Elite-2 Operators: Saria, Exusiai, Silverash, Eyjafjalla, Myrtle, Siege, Amiya, Lappland, Ifrit, Angelina
  3. The Most Obtained Outfits: Ageless Afterglow, Burst Feline, The Law, Distinguished Visitor, Refined Horrormare
  4. The Most Deployed Operators in Contingency Contract #4: Myrtle, Saria, Eyjafjalla
  5. Contingency Contract #4 Completion Report: There are 31 players who have cleared Abandoned Mine with the highest possible Risk of 32.
  6. During Under Tides, players have defeated:
  7. Contingency Contract #5 Completion Report: 10.2% players have cleared Arena 8 with Risk 18, while 0.35% cleared it with Risk 25, and 22 players cleared it with the highest possible Risk of 32.

The livestream also announces the release of Two Feet On The Ground, DH community events, the implementation of English CVs (which would be done in Break the Ice), and the then-upcoming Prelude to Dawn with greetings from Takashi Matsuyama (Ace) and Tomoyo Kurosawa.

The livestream also features yet another interview with Hai Mao, congratulatory messages from Marika Kouno (La Pluma), Ayumu Murase (Mizuki), Nobunaga Shimazaki (Tequila), and Shizuka Ishigami (Ch'en the Holungday), and an interview with Prelude to Dawn directors Masaki Nishikawa and Yuki Watanabe.

2.5th Anniversary

From the 2.5th anniversary livestream of Arknights EN which announces Invitation to Wine, Global's livestreams use a new format similar to a VTuber livestream which features fully animated Arknights characters and hosted by Amiya (voiced by Emma Ballantine).

The livestream features Ling (voiced by Denise Moreno) as the special guest with Nian and Dusk (voiced by Akira Lee Watanabe and Aileen Mythen, respectively) also making appearances. It also announces the release of Keep Holding On and shows a trailer for Prelude to Dawn.

At the end of livestream, following a short animation made by HarlequinWheels, Denise Moreno, Akira Lee Watanabe, and Aileen Mythen introduced themselves as the English CVs of Ling, Nian, and Dusk, respectively.

3rd Anniversary

In the 3rd anniversary livestream of Arknights EN which announces Ideal City, Amiya wears her summer swimsuit that was first seen in Heart of Surging Flame to fit IC's summer theme.

The livestream features Gavial the Invincible (voiced by Natalie Winter) as the special guest and teases the first season of the Trials for Navigator game mode, which would be released in IC's second week as announced by the JP livestream earlier, as well as announcing the release of Day By Day. It also features animations made by HarlequinWheels and Temmie Chang, the latter of whom is best known as the main artist of Undertale and Deltarune.

At the end of livestream, Ebenholz's English CV Atilla Akinci (who is praised by the community for his role) delivers a congratulatory message for Arknights Global's 3rd anniversary along with reciting two of Ebenholz's dialogues. It was followed by introductions from Natalie Winter and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld as the English CVs of Gavial the Invincible and Pozëmka, respectively.

3.5th Anniversary

The 3.5th anniversary livestream of Arknights EN announces Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow, featuring Lin (voiced by Artemis Snow) as the special guest and animations done by HarlequinWheels in the lead-up and throughout the livestream.

At the end of livestream following a short animation, Reed (the Flame Shadow)'s English CV Martha Mackintosh delivers a congratulatory message for Arknights Global's 3.5th anniversary along with reciting two of the Flame Shadow's dialogues, following the introduction from Artemis Snow as the English CV of Lin and followed by the introduction from Yong Yea as the English CV of Chongyue.

4th Anniversary

The teaser of Arknights EN's 4th Anniversary livestream by ARCUS

The 4th anniversary livestream of Arknights EN which announces So Long, Adele features Kal'tsit (voiced by Sura Siu) as the special guest. It also announces the release of Unbreakable and features animations made by HarlequinWheels.

Near the end of the livestream, the following statistical facts are provided with the data taken from Global's release date of January 16, 2019 to October 15, 2023.

  1. Global players had cleared operations 4,640,064,006 times.
  2. Out of all Global players:
    • ...87% are in Levels 2 to 60...
    • ...4.9% are in Levels 61 to 80...
    • ...3.9% are in Levels 81 to 100...
    • ...3% are in Levels 101 to 119...
    • ...and 1.9% are in Level 120.
  3. As of Episode 12: All Quiet Under the Thunder, 22,912 players have obtained all Episodes medals.
  4. 415,015,090 Operators have been recruited by Global players (including duplicates), with an average of 22 recruits per player.
  5. The total amount of resources consumed by Global players:
    • 863,675,471 Originite Prime icon.png
    • 67,690,641,949 Sanity icon.png
    • 19,568,670,805,743 LMD icon.png
    • 398,645,778,800 Orundum icon.png
  6. A total of 3,760,637 and 2,655,413 Top Operator and Senior Operator recruitment, respectively, have been successfully done by Global players.
  7. 31,012,079 skill Mastery trainings have been done by Global players.
  8. Top 5 Operators with Specialization Level 3: Saria, Eyjafjalla, Myrtle, SilverAsh, Surtr
  9. Average and highest Risks achieved by Global players across Contingency Contract Operations, including C.C. Beta:
    1. Beta: 7 average, 13 highest
    2. Barrenland and Pyrite: 11 average, 30 highest
    3. Blade: 12 average, 31 highest
    4. Cinder and Wild Scales: 12 average, 33 highest
    5. Lead Seal and Spectrum: 12 average, 32 highest
    6. Pine Soot: 13 average, 32 highest
    7. Dawnseeker: 13 average, 33 highest
    8. Deepness: 14 average, 39 highest
    9. Ashring: 14 average, 36 highest
    10. Fake Waves: 16 average, 36 highest
    11. Base Point: 15 average, 34 highest
  10. Top 5 Most Used Assistants: Surtr, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Texas the Omertosa, Specter the Unchained, Amiya
  11. Top 5 Operators with 200% Trust: Amiya, Texas, Exusiai, Kroos, Jessica
  12. Top 5 Most Used 4★ and 5★ Operators: Myrtle, Amiya, Texas, Ptilopsis, Lappland
  13. Top 5 Most Used 6★ Operators: Exusiai, Thorns, Saria, Bagpipe, SilverAsh
  14. Top 5 Most Used Support Unit: Ch'en the Holungday, Thorns, Surtr, Mountain, Ling
  15. Top 5 Best Selling Outfits in Store: Colorful Wonderland CW03, Sublimation, Snowy Plains in Words, It Does Wash the Strings, Relight
  16. In Mizuki & Caerula Arbor:
    1. Out of players who reached the three endings:
      • 25.06% had reached one ending...
      • ...9.18% had reached two endings...
      • ...and 15.26% had reached three endings.
    2. The no. of appearance (including in ISW-DU operations) and defeat rates of the bonus enemies:
      1. Duck Lord: 962,493 times, 45.92%
      2. Gopnik: 895,249 times, 71.12%
      3. Crying Thief: 900,494 times, 65.43%
  17. In Fire Within the Sand, only 10.57% players had cleared the entire Prosperity Gradient milestone, which requires 6000 Badge of Prosperity.png.

At the end of livestream, Sura Siu, Texas (the Omertosa)'s English CV Jessica Preddy, Emma Ballantine (in her capacity as Swire the Elegant Wit's English CV), and Eyjafjalla (the Hvít Aska)'s English CV Hollie Taylor delivers a congratulatory message for Arknights Global's 4th anniversary along with reciting few of the respective characters' dialogues.