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An official video by Yostar introducing the English CVs of Amiya (Emma Ballantine), Ch'en (Amy Lennox), Kroos (Grace Hogg-Robinson), Nearl (Devora Wilde), and Shaw (Harriet Carmichael)

A list of English character voices in Arknights, the first of which were introduced in Break the Ice on the Global server; as of the release of Zwillingstürme im Herbst in Global, 225 out of 305 Operators released in Global have English voices.

Initially Arknights featured lesser-known English voice actors based in the United Kingdom and Europe (many are from the United States but live in the UK/EU, however) who nonetheless have prior experience in voicing video game characters, although some are better known for being actors of various movies and TV series, making their ACGN voice acting debut in Arknights. Since Stultifera Navis, well-known English VAs based in the US and Canada, such as Allegra Clark and Cristina Vee, are featured as well.

Based on a Twitter/X post by Caleb Yen who voiced Minimalist and Windflit,[1] the English voice acting of Arknights is done by Side Global with Jason Baughan[2] and Patrick Seitz as the directors. Side Global and Baughan are best known for handling the English voice acting of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XIV and its expansions, Another Eden, Bravely Default, and Triangle Strategy, hence why some of their CVs are featured in Arknights. Some of the Arknights English CVs also notably contributes to various "Souls-like" video games by FromSoftware, prominently the Dark Souls series and Elden Ring.