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  • In the CN server:
    • Dossoles Holiday was preceded by Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom, Vigilo, and the rerun of The Great Chief Returns. To allow DH to be released as the Global server's 2nd anniversary event around January 16, 2022 (and thus ensuring that Carnival events are released as Global's yearly anniversary events), the rerun of RI and VI are rescheduled to succeed DH, making I.C. the only event that precedes DH in Global.
    • DH Rerun precedes Ideal City, but for the same reason as DH's original run (so that IC, being another Carnival event, can be released around Global's 3rd anniversary), it along with Dorothy's Vision and To Be Continued that precedes it in CN are rescheduled to succeed IC in Global, with DV in particular succeeding DH Rerun instead of preceding it.
  • In the Global server:
    • Dossoles Holiday is the last anniversary event whose livestream is held in the real world.
    • Due to an oversight, players who started Arknights after the original run of DH do not receive new Stickers in the rerun. This is corrected in a hotfix not long after DH Rerun's release.
  • Dossoles Holiday is the only event in which the Chips sold in the event store does not match the welfare Operator's class; Mama John's sells Specialist Chip.png Specialist Chip while the welfare Operator of DH, Tequila, is a Guard.
    • This is likely because Mizuki was originally intended to be DH's welfare Operator.
  • Many features introduced in Dossoles Holiday are meant as a homage to Plants vs. Zombies, especially the Pirate Seas and Big Wave Beach worlds in PvZ2. See DH-EX-4/Trivia, High Tide, Deep Water Zone, and Custom Floating Platform for more information.


A YouTube video by TakDes debunking most of the controversies surrounding Dossoles Holiday

In the CN server of Arknights, Dossoles Holiday became a subject of a serious, major controversy within the community, which was mostly centered on the introduction of Ch'en the Holungday:

  • As DH's release occured about three months after Under Tides which introduced Skadi the Corrupting Heart and all current alter Operators except Lava the Purgatory are part of limited headhunting banners, many saw the introduction of the Holungday in DH as a "cash-grabbing" move with some fearing that Arknights will no longer be one of the most generous gacha game in the market.
  • The CN community feared that Hypergryph will continue to release alternate Operators in a lighthearted way, ignoring its relevance to the lore of Arknights.
  • The initial artwork of the Holungday (see her Trivia) came under fire by the CN community by stating that her artwork was more of a consequence of a charette: her body was out of proportion, her hair was simply too messy, and her initial facial expression was strongly disgusting as if she was grumbling or even cursing the players while having a vacation. Even though the artwork was changed later on, it could not pacify their anger. Some suspected that her illustrator Wei@W (HG's former art director) was being lazy, and few even blamed that his laziness was because of his status as one of HG's shareholders.
  • Some believed that HG is breaking the supposed promise to "only include three headhunting banners every year." This likely stemed from a misunderstanding where HG actually meant categories, not amount, with Crossover banners excluded due to their irregular nature. Regardless, the introduction of the third "Carnival" category of limited Operators coming off as a traumatic shock towards many, as the previous two Summer events (Heart of Surging Flame and The Great Chief Returns) did not feature any limited headhunting banner at all.
  • There were suspicions that the Holungday's skills, specifically her Skill 2 "Night of Violet," was originally meant to be Mizuki's, even though it was later proven to be false. This caused others to wrongly believe that such act was an unfair decision which weakened Mizuki's overall in-game skills in favor of bolstering the Holungday's already "power-creeping" skillsets even further.
The details surrounding incidents that gradually built up the controversy, especially concerning toxic fans (in Chinese, by 跑腿的包子)

The controversy, however, went out of proportion (and even context) due to the following factors:

  • The gap period between Under Tides and Dossoles Holiday was too long and too boring, with the events in-between being not as appealing as the previous ones (notably, two Contingency Contract seasons, several reruns, and Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom which is seen as quite unpopular).
  • Their initial dissatisfaction on Wei@W was also caused by their largely negative reviews of the first volume of the Official Artbook. See here for more infomation.
  • Arknights' rising popularity in mainland China following the 2nd Anniversary, especially amidst a streak of incidents in the Chinese mobile gaming community, had attracted the "dark side" of the CN community with various harassments on content artists and fan communities in both Arknights and other games, foolish actions such as unreasonable rallies in anime conventions, and politically motivated accusations, among others.
  • Because HG remained silent to avoid fueling the fire to the controversy, it only worsened the issue as the community detested the company for not making official responses.

With the release of Episode 09, gameplay restrictions on non-adults by the Chinese government, and finally the return of positive review in Near Light, the controversy has mostly subsided.

On the other hand, the controversy is not repeated in the Global server due to the Global players' foresight (jokingly referred to as "clairvoyance" after the term in Fate/Grand Order EN's community) from the gap between the CN and Global servers. Even then, there were mixed feelings and sympathy for the CN server which was mainly focused on the Holungday such as her questionable story relevance and her "power-creeping" skillsets by calling her a "BALANS" (a sarcastic Internet mockery on power-creeping characters being balanced).