Recruitment/Tag combinations

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A list of recruitment tag combinations which guarantees specific Operators.


The following tag combinations guarantee that a recruitment-exclusive Operator will be recruited.

Tags inside brackets are optional tags; the result remains unchanged regardless of whether the tag(s) are picked or not.

Operator Tags
Senior Operator, Guard, Survival
Defender/Defense, DPS, Survival
Starter, Caster, (Ranged)
Starter, Defender, (Melee)
Starter, Sniper, (Ranged)
Starter, Vanguard, (Melee)
Robot, Guard, (Melee/Support)
Robot, Defender/Defense, (Melee)
Robot, Sniper, (Ranged/Support)
Robot, Medic/Healing, (Ranged)
Robot, Specialist/Nuker, (Melee)