Code of Brawl Rerun

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This event rerun has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page has been archived.

The rerun of Code of Brawl is identical to the original run, but with the following differences:

  1. CB operation progresses are carried over from the original run (e.g. if the player have cleared CB-10 in the original run, then it will already be cleared on the rerun), but Eastern Suburbs operations are accessible from the start of the rerun.
  2. Rating Board Missions' progresses are reset. This means that players who had completed the Rating Board missions during the original run can complete them again in the rerun to receive the rewards for the second time.
    • The rewards can be claimed until May 28, 2021.
  3. Players who had obtained Penguin Logistics Safehouse parts from Rating Board missions during the original run will receive Intelligence Certificate.png Intelligence Certificate in their place.


Furnitures Certificates
Old Record Player.png
Penguin Clue Collection Board.png
Intelligence Certificate
Collectible Beverage Dispenser.png
Comfortable Sofa (Penguin Logistics Safehouse).png
Outgoing Shipments.png
Red Sundries Shelves.png
Intelligence Certificate
Multifunctional Workbench.png
Intelligence Certificate


EN CBR Keeper of the Lock & Keys Rerun.png

The Keeper of the Lock & Keys headhunting banner is rerunned.


EN CBR Rerun Outfits.png

The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:

Firewatch Skin 1 icon.png
Jessica Skin 2 icon.png


EN CBR Penguin Logistics Safehouse.png

Some parts of the Penguin Logistics Safehouse furniture set are available at the Furniture Store until May 28, 2021.