Episode 10: Shatterpoint

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This event has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.
This article is about the episode's release event. For the episode's article, see Episode 10.

Episode 10: Shatterpoint is an event to commemorate the release of the namesake Main Theme episode in Arknights.



[Global] Night Champion Show is introduced as the new Rotating Mission on October 31, 2022.


Chestnut icon.png
Heidi icon.png
Horn icon.png
Rockrock icon.png


EN EP10 Roaring Cliffrunner.png

The Roaring Cliffrunner headhunting banner is featured.


EN EP10 Recruitment Update.png

The following Operators are added to the recruitment pool:

Bagpipe icon.png
Sesa icon.png
Utage icon.png

Note that all current tags will be refreshed once the recruitment pool are updated.


EN EP10 New Outfits.png
EN EP10 Rerun Outfits.png

The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:

City Destroyer
Valiant General
Distinguished Visitor
Refined Horrormare
Seventh Night's Awakened
Titleless Code



  • Bosses now have a special HP meter different from other enemies that is visible at all times.
  • The post-operation screen has been reworked.
  • The BGM used in the update and login screens is now remastered.
  • Record Restoration added for Children of Ursus in October 26, 2022.

Operator Record/Paradox Simulation

New Operator Records/Paradox Simulations are added for the following Operators:

Operator Operator Record(s) Paradox Simulation
Ceylon icon.png
Heartfelt Present Still Waters Run Deep
Cutter icon.png
Meals, Ready-to-Eat Blade of Loyalty
Jessica icon.png
The Slow Walk Ahead Trembling With Fear
Warfarin icon.png
Rarely Serious Not added


New CVs are added for the following Operators.
Operators CN CV EN CV KR CV
12F icon.png
James Phoon
Angelina icon.png
Lee So-eun
Aurora icon.png
Sarah Burke
Beagle icon.png
Claire Morgan
Blacknight icon.png
Norma Butikofer
Cardigan icon.png
Lee Jae-hyun
Castle-3 icon.png
Ma Yang
Corroserum icon.png
David Menkin
Croissant icon.png
Yang Jung-hwa
Deepcolor icon.png
Mihu zzZ (credited as "Misty" in Global)
Earthspirit icon.png
Qu Zilan
Enforcer icon.png
Shin Yong-woo
Eyjafjalla icon.png
Hollie Taylor
Fiammetta icon.png
Gitano icon.png
Kim Bo-na
Frostleaf icon.png
Jang Mi
Gavial icon.png
Chen Chaoqun (credited as "Emma Chen" in Global)
Goldenglow icon.png
Jung Hye-won
Gravel icon.png
Naomi McDonald Chae Min-ji
Gummy icon.png
Kim Chae-ha
Haze icon.png
Lee Seul
Honeyberry icon.png
Sophie Shad
Ifrit icon.png
Qiwen (credited as "Ellen Wang" in Global)
Indra icon.png
Miao Yang (credited as "Mia Miao" in Global)
Istina icon.png
Myrrh icon.png
Z-kun (credited as "Z" in Global)
Lancet-2 icon.png
Guo Qi (credited as "Kiki" in Global)
Liskarm icon.png
Megan Maczko
Manticore icon.png
Zi Mao (credited as "Kousou Mao" in Global)
Melantha icon.png
Penelope Rawlins
Meteor icon.png
Mousse icon.png
Jo Kyoung-I
Mulberry icon.png
Julie Rogers
Orchid icon.png
Yeo Min-jeong
Quercus icon.png
Meaghan Martin
Perfumer icon.png
Yang Donghui (credited as "Rachel" in Global)
Ptilopsis icon.png
Kim Sae-hae
Pudding icon.png
Penelope Rawlins
Roberta icon.png
Becky Wright
Rope icon.png
Claire Morgan
Saileach icon.png
Meaghan Martin
Saria icon.png
Norma Butikofer
Savage icon.png
Muyaruilin (credited as "Rylynn" in Global)
Scavenger icon.png
Chong Yu-mi
Shining icon.png
Kim Sun-hye
Shirayuki icon.png
Min Ah
Siege icon.png
Liang Shuang
Skyfire icon.png
Yeo Yun-mi
Sora icon.png
Hou Xiaofei (credited as "Fifi" in Global)
Specter icon.png
Harriet Carmichael
Steward icon.png
Han Man-joong
Swire icon.png
Emma Ballantine
Vanilla icon.png
Zhang Ruoyu
Vigna icon.png
Ahn Hyun-seo
Warfarin icon.png
Lindsay Morton