Data Supplement Stick

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The Data Supplement Stick is a material in Arknights.

Item description
Used to upgrade Operator modules.

Experience is abstracted into data, and the data become a weapon. All true warriors must come to know both themselves and the battlefield.
The crystallization of the entire Engineering Department's blood, sweat, and tears. Once upgraded, the modules will greatly improve our Operators' combat abilities.


These data sticks contain information necessary to enhance specialized modules for Operators into the second stage, with the amount required based on the Operator's rarity:


Up to 30 Data Supplement Sticks can be obtained by completing Stationary Security Service missions every two weeks, awarded at increasing amounts from clearing the mission's operations; the further the mission, the more the Sticks that would be received.

Since Lingering Echoes, Data Supplement Sticks are available in event stores and milestones.

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