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The Optimized Device is an upgrade material in Arknights.

Item description
An advanced mechanical device captured from Reunion. Can be used for a variety of upgrades and the synthesis of Bipolar Nanoflake.

After undergoing a large number of private modifications, these devices have greatly expanded capacity, which improves performance at the cost of stability. From this, one can feel the dedication and perseverance from the makers.


The fourth of the Device-type upgrade materials, these custom-made electronic devices are overclocked to the point of having a much better performance than Integrated Devices at the cost of stability, allowing it to be used for Operator skill Mastery training and the Elite 2 promotion of 5★ and 6★ Operators.

Its processing power also makes the Optimized Device an important material for the production of Bipolar Nanoflakes.



Optimized Devices are available in:

  • Distinctions Store (sometimes) for 20 Distinction Certificate icon.png.
  • Headhunting Parametric Model Store for 85 Headhunting Parametric Model icon.png.

Special drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate
4-10 21 Very Rare (~3%)
7-9 21 Very Rare (~3%)
11-20 24 Very Rare
13-10 21 Very Rare


Product Material(s) LMD Morale Requires
Optimized Device.png
Integrated Device
Orirock Cluster
300 4 Level 3 Workshop

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