Fuscous Fiber

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The Fuscous Fiber is an upgrade material in Arknights, introduced alongside Episode 13.

Item description
A specialized fiber bundle, possessing high tensile strength and elastic modulus. Used in a variety of strengthening projects.

A derived product in Originium engineering, widely used in industrial fields due to its exceptional functionality. In recent years, its unique appearance has also drawn keen interest from those working in design.


A bundle of strong, elastic fibers derived from Originium, Fuscous Fibers are used in the advanced skill upgrades, Specialization training, and Elite 2 promotion of certain Operators introduced from Episode 13 onwards.

Fuscous Fibers are obviously the required material in the processing of Solidified Fiber Boards.



Operation drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate Sanity per drop
13-5 24 Rare (~37%) ~65

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