Oriron Block

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The Oriron Block is an upgrade material in Arknights.

Item description
An expensive industrial material. Can be used for a variety of upgrades and the synthesis of Polymerization Preparation.

An Oriron block fused with multiple Oriron Clusters under extremely harsh conditions. As the most stable and rarest form of Oriron, it can be used in all manners of industrial production.


The fourth of the Oriron-type upgrade materials, Oriron Blocks are made up of several Oriron Clusters fused together on extreme conditions during its smelting process, making it the most valuable of all Oriron derivatives. It is used for many Operators' skill Mastery training and the Elite 2 promotion of 5★ and 6★ Operators.

Its superior moldability also makes the Oriron Block one of the materials essential for the synthesis of Polymerization Preparation.



Oriron Blocks are available in:

  • Distinctions Store (sometimes) for 15 Distinction Certificate icon.png.
  • Headhunting Parametric Model Store for 90 Headhunting Parametric Model icon.png.

Special drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate
5-5 18 Very Rare (~2%)
9-17 18 Very Rare
10-11 24 Very Rare
11-11 21 Very Rare
13-16 21 Very Rare
S4-1 18 Very Rare (~3%)


Product Material(s) LMD Morale Requires
Oriron Block.png
Oriron Cluster
Integrated Device
Polyester Pack
300 4 Level 3 Workshop

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