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The Crystalline Circuit is an upgrade material in Arknights, introduced alongside Episode 08.

Item description
An important Originium industry material. Can be used for a variety of upgrades. A fundamental part of manufacturing Originium crystal assemblies.

A core product in the modern Originium electronics industry. Found inside electronic goods far and wide throughout Terra's nations. The mass application of crystalline circuitry is one more reminder of Terra's industrial modernization.


The second of the Crystalline-type upgrade materials, Crystalline Circuits are a printed circuit board that integrates a Crystalline Component and used as a major component by various Originium-based electronic appliances in Terra. Crystalline Circuits are used in the skill Mastery training and Elite 2 promotion of certain Operators introduced from Episode 08 onwards.

The Crystalline Circuit is obviously a required material for the production of Crystalline Electronic Units.



Crystalline Circuits are available in:

  • Distinctions Store (sometimes) for 15 Distinction Certificate icon.png.
  • Headhunting Parametric Model Store for 90 Headhunting Parametric Model icon.png.

Special drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate
R8-11 21 Very Rare (~3%)
S5-9 18 Very Rare (~2%)
12-3 21 Very Rare
12-19 24 Very Rare
13-7 21 Very Rare


Product Material(s) LMD Morale Requires
Crystalline Circuit.png
Crystalline Component
Coagulating Gel
Incandescent Alloy
300 4 Level 3 Workshop
Clear S3-7

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