PRTS Proxy Annihilation Card

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The PRTS Proxy Annihilation Card is a material in Arknights.

Item description
A card granting load distribution privileges for PRTS. Once activated, allows PRTS to conduct Annihilation battles as your proxy.

Based on a massive volume of live combat records, PRTS can perfectly replicate your tactics to conduct annihilation missions by proxy, using actuarial data processing, logic training, and scenario simulation. You're spared even the need to pay it your full attention.


The PRTS Proxy Annihilation Card allows the player to "skip" an Annihilation operation by immediately giving the player its rewards without actually running it. Doing this will consume one Proxy Card as well as the Sanity.png Sanity used to run the Annihilation operation.

Note that the PRTS Proxy Annihilation Card can only be used if the player is eligible for Auto Deploy (clearing the Operation without a Support Unit at least once) and the reward given will be based on the highest amount of enemies defeated in a manual run of the operation. However, since this does not actually run the operation, it can be used to circumvent an auto-deploy failure. As of sometime around the CC10: Ashring update, it stopped granting Trust to Operators in the squad used to clear the operation. (Clearing the operation manually or with an Auto Deploy will still grant the corresponding amount of Trust.) If the Annihilation operation is a Simulation Mission/Hypothetical Target, it cannot be skipped.

Should the Orundum.png Orundum awarded from the Annihilation operation exceed the weekly Annihilation Orundum cap, part of the Sanity spent to skip the Annihilation operation will be refunded based on the difference and the rewards will be adjusted accordingly (e.g. if the player skips Night Champion Show after defeating 400 enemies on the last run while their Orundum counter is 1700 out of 1800, they will be treated as having defeated 375 enemies when skipping Night Champion Show).


From the Stultifera Navis update, a single PRTS Proxy Annihilation Card is awarded from daily missions.

Note that like Emergency Sanity Booster.png Emergency Sanity Booster and Emergency Sanity Concentrate.png Emergency Sanity Concentrate, PRTS Proxy Annihilation Cards will expire in Monday 04:00 UTC-7 if not used by then, and the oldest one will be used first.