Transmuted Salt

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The Transmuted Salt is an upgrade material in Arknights, introduced alongside Episode 11.

Item description
A compound crystallization that has undergone low-tolerance refinement. Can be used in a variety of strengthening projects.

The surface of this material has mutable characteristics, realizing results that were originally nearly impossible. CAUTION: industrial salt is not to be eaten under any circumstances.


This lump of industrial salt that are not meant for consumption due to its very high salinity are used in the advanced skill upgrades, Mastery training, and Elite 2 promotion of certain Operators introduced from Episode 11 onwards.

Transmuted Salts are obviously the required material in the processing of Transmuted Salt Agglomerates.


Operation drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate Sanity per drop
11-3 21 Rare (~32%) ~67
11-15 24 Rare (~34%) ~71
12-13 24 Rare ?
13-13 21 Rare ?
S9-2 18 Rare (~24%) ~77
CV-8 21 Uncommon ?

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