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Attacks all blocked enemies.
—Trait description (shared with Crusher Guard)

Centurion Guard, colloquially known as Area-of-Effect/AoE or Multi-target/MT Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Centurion Guards have the ability to attack multiple targets within range equal to their block count of two which is increased to three at Elite 2 (despite their trait description implying that the Centurion has to block the enemies to hit them all) with above-average HP and ATK as well as DP cost, the latter of which increases in every promotion.


Blaze icon.png
Gavial the Invincible icon.png
Broca icon.png
Fuze icon.png
Savage icon.png
Specter icon.png
Estelle icon.png
Popukar icon.png

Operator Modules

Module Information
CEN-X module.png
Trait improved:
Attacks all blocked enemies; ATK is increased to 110% when attacking blocked enemies
Blaze icon.png
Broca icon.png
Gavial the Invincible icon.png
Savage icon.png
Specter icon.png
CEN-Y module.png
New trait:
While above 50% HP, reduces the amount of Physical damage taken by 20%
Estelle icon.png
Fuze icon.png


  • Centurion Guards excel at mowing down groups of enemies at a time, and can often hold off entire enemy rushes by themselves. They are fairly expensive to deploy, but have considerable staying power and can sometimes be used to substitute for a Defender.
  • Centurion Guards gain a significant power boost at Elite 2 due to becoming able to block and attack 3 enemies simultaneously, providing a 50% increase in total DPS and better crowd-clearing.
    • Hencefore, if one plans on raising a Centurion Guard, they should consider prioritizing their E2 promotion.


  • Despite Centurion Guards' extremely powerful crowd-clearing abilities, they may struggle to defeat single bulky enemies.
    • Because of this, it's recommended to use Operators with high single-target damage to assist the Guards on defeating them.
  • Although Centurion Guards have fairly high HP, their DEF is somewhat low in comparison. Because they can block nultiple enemies at a time (and thus take damage from all of them simultaneously), they may struggle against physical enemies, especially fast-attacking ones.
    • Hence, DEF buffs are recommended to improve the Guards' survivability against them.


  • One of the Centurion Guard's colloquial names which is commonly used before class branches are introduced, Area-of-Effect Guards, are technically incorrect since it would mean that their attacks hit all enemies within range. The other colloquial name, Multi-Target Guard, would be more appropriate.
  • The Centurion Guard's branch icon is a chainsaw. Out of all Centurions, only Estelle, Fuze and Savage do not use saw weapons, being their fists, a gun and a warhammer, respectively.
    • In addition, Fuze is currently the sole member of the class able to attack aerial enemies despite not being stated in-game.