UO-3: Beginning Of Everything

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Beginning Of Everything
The Ultimate Beautiful Girl
Previous UO-TR-1


Recommended level
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
0 0 0
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
N/A 50 N/A N/A
Deployable devices Custom Floating Platform , "My Past Self"

Possible materials

Image Material Type
UO-3 material passerby.png
Diver ×4 Passerby
UO-3 material passerby.png
Diver Leader ×1 Passerby
UO-3 material passerby.png
Delinquent ×6 Passerby
UO-3 material passerby.png
Tidal Caster ×4 Passerby
UO-3 material passerby.png
Caster Speedboat ×3 Passerby
UO-3 material 1.png
Boat racing Dockworkers
Two Dockworker Motorboats having a race
UO-3 material 2.png
Handsome blonde watching the sea Rare
UO-3 material 3.png
Lost little girl Rare
UO-3 material 4.png
Guy who missed the boat Rare
UO-3 material 5.png
Caster who got his speedboat stolen Rare
UO-3 material 6.png
Gang fight
Two Delinquents and two Delinquent Bosses fighting each other
UO-3 material 7.png
Overloaded transport vessel Rare
UO-3 material 8.png
Diver Team
A throng of Divers and Diver Leaders
UO-3 material 9.png
"Boat made from scraps" Rare
No image available Unmanned Heavy Explosive Boat ×6 PROHIBITED