Tutorial: DH-TR-2

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<Game paused>
Ernesto Well, I'm sure with skills like yours, you won't be too hurt by that little explosive. Just stay trapped in there for me, please?
Phew... alright, looks like these are all Ms. Candela's ambushes. They're not on our side. Can't let the guard down yet.
Luckily, these are expansive natural waters. Typical enemies will find it hard getting through.
Enemy movement will be slowed in the water, and they'll take continual damage. Wading through to land's not wise. I just need to find a narrow strip of land...
<Game unpaused>
[Two Dockworkers show up and one of them swims through the Deep Water Zones to reach the Protection Objectives, only to be affected by Erosion and rapidly lose HP as well as moving slowly. Seeing this, the other Dockworker retreated, leaving the first to drown into his death. Shortly afterwards, the previous Dockworker returns as a Dockworker Motorboat, which safely traverses through the Deep Water Zones.]
<Game paused>
Ernesto Grr, amphibious motorboats. They have stuff like that ready too? The waters aren't gonna mess them up at all now.
What can I do...
Right, I could construct some standable Platforms on the water. Anyone should be able to use temporary Platforms like these, if I remember correctly.
<Game unpaused>
[Two Custom Floating Platforms are immediately placed, and Istina and Podenco are quickly deployed on them. The Supporters managed to stall and damage the Motorboat long enough for it to be eventually destroyed by Indigo, causing the Dockworker who rides it to jump right into the Deep Water Zone.]
<Game paused>
Ernesto Your vehicles might take a beating, but as long as they break down on the water, you'll get dumped in, and what's the difference between you and meat ready for the slaughter then?
Deploy on these Floating Platforms to attack them, and destroy their vehicles before they get on land.
<A recommended tile is highlighted> I recommend you deploy a Defender Operator here. Should be pretty good at holding off their advance.
<Game unpaused>
[The Dockworker who bails out of the destroyed Motorboat are taken out. One Motorboat shows up, followed by another, (The player deploys Cardigan, Mousse, and Steward at their discretion after deploying the Custom Floating Platforms first) but they are quickly dispatched by the Operators.]