Operator gallery: Ch'en the Holungday

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Ch'en the Holungday.png
The outfit Ch'en wore during her Dossoles holiday.
Also worn when carrying out certain missions, with a sense of vacation strong enough that she can catch you off guard.
Elite 2
Ch'en the Holungday Elite 2.png
Has a dynamic artwork
Artificial sea, sandy beaches, competitions–all things that have absolutely no draw to Ch'en. It's in other ways that this vacation left a deep impression on her.
And to other people, when Ch'en's occasionally worn this outfit, it's left a deep impression on them too.
Ten Thousand Mountains
Ch'en the Holungday Skin 1.png
Has a dynamic artwork
One of Ch'en the Holungday's outfits for crucial moments.
"My thanks to you two Tianshi for accompanying me on my journey so far, but it's about time we went our separate ways."
Bloodline of Combat Collection/Ten Thousand Mountains. Ch'en Hui-chieh entered the capital on a starry night, and left before sunrise after settling matters. She bid farewell to old friends and took a sampan down the river, the lamp on the prow crashing through the fog and night.
Lone Trail and So Long, Adele (Outfit Store, 21 Originite Prime icon.png)
Cannot be acquired by using Outfit Voucher