Medals: Mizuki & Caerula Arbor

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Caerula Arbor Engraved Medal Set

Caerula Arbor Engraved Medal Set.png

Caerula Arbor Engraved Medal Set Trimmed.png

A set of engraved medals commemorating an adventure deep under the sea.
Set sail and go beneath the waves, to the dwellings and source of the Seaborn.
Both humans and Seaborn will do everything to survive.
Deep Blue Sea.png
"Deep Blue Sea"
An engraved medal embedded with azure crystal, glowing with the light of life.
It carries a truth that the land-dwellers cannot comprehend: All life came from the oceans.

Condition: Awarded once all other Mizuki & Caerula Arbor medals are obtained.
Underwater Survey.png
"Underwater Survey"
An engraved medal awarded for your untiring efforts to explore the depths.
The Seaborn constantly rebuild their homes. One never sees the same scenery twice.

Condition: Enter 200 nodes across all Caerula Arbor runs (including Memory Mapping runs).
Divergent Vision.png
"Divergent Vision"
An engraved medal awarded for witnessing two possibilities in the depths.
The divergent thought model of the Seaborn allowed Mizuki to paint two different futures for you to observe. He smiles at the look of surprise on your face.

Condition: Complete two Caerula Arbor runs (including Memory Mapping runs) with different endings.
Garden Entrance.png
"Garden Entrance"
An engraved medal awarded for going into the oceans and beginning the exploration of the Seaborn abode.
The dwellings of the Seaborn are beautiful gardens, but you must first find the key to the gate.

Condition: Clear the 3rd floor 20 times across all Caerula Arbor runs (including Memory Mapping runs).
Tulip's Gratitude.png
"Tulip's Gratitude"
An engraved medal awarded for helping with Tulip's problems.
Your efforts have improved conditions for the Iberians, bringing vitality to this dead land. Tulip thanks you for your contributions.

Condition: Complete 30 Regional Commissions across all Caerula Arbor runs.
Face of the Sea.png
"Face of the Sea"
An engraved medal carved based on Operators' impressions of the ocean depths.
The ocean is vast and deep. It accepts all, human or Seaborn.

Condition: Recruit 40 Operators across all Caerula Arbor runs (including Memory Mapping runs).
Product Archives.png
"Product Archives"
An engraved medal awarded for your collection and archiving of biological products.
How will people view the progress of civilization, as they look back on these objects in a thousand years?

Condition: Reveal 100 Collectibles in the Biospecimen Display.
Precautionary Measures.png
"Precautionary Measures"
An engraved medal awarded to those who've unlocked multiple squad configurations.
Conditions allowing, you've designed a variety of exploration squad configurations that can effectively deal with the various challenges of the ocean depths.

Condition: Unlock 4 Squads in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor.
Dimensional Memories.png
"Dimensional Memories"
An engraved medal that records the memories of many operators.
No one has unveiled fate. Your knowledge of how the events developed allows you to observe, not interfere.

Condition: Claim the Contract Rewards of three different Memory Mappings.
An engraved medal based on the theme of a self-completing ecosystem.
Humanity extracts resources from nature by destroying it. The Seaborn evolve alongside nature. Perfection should not be a characteristic.

Condition: Raise your Ecosequence level to 65.
Know the Ocean.png
Know the Ocean Trimmed.png
"Know the Ocean"
An engraved medal awarded for your knowledge of the mysteries of the ocean and the Seaborn.
The ocean has its rules, and the Seaborn are not truly perfect. You know their rules. You shall determine their future.

Condition: Complete a Surging Waves +4 Caerula Arbor run.
Trimming condition: Complete a Surging Waves +7 Caerula Arbor run.
Dehydration IS3.png
Naturally engraved medal generated after Highmore accepted her own existence, representing her identity.
Humanity gives sentimental value to objects representing major events that they experienced, calling it a commemoration. Highmore's ownership of the medal indicates that she harbors such sentiments, as humans do.

Condition: Clear 10 operations with Highmore deployed across all Caerula Arbor runs (including Memory Mapping runs).