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Unique to Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, Cognitive Symbols are various effects that can influence the player's performance and divided into Enlightenments, Rejections, and Calls of We Many.

Upon entering a new floor except at the start of a run, the player will roll a die which determines whether they would receive an Enlightenment, Rejection, or neither. This die roll's result can be swayed by Light, as shown in the table below.

Light Side
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
100 S S S S S F F F F F F F
50–99 T T T S S S S S S S S S
1–49 T T T T T S S S S S S S
0 C C C C C T T T T T T T
  • [F – Favored by Fortune] Obtained Enlightenment <{name}>: The player will receive an Enlightenment.
  • [S – Smooth Sailing] The seas are calm, and nothing unusual is afoot (nothing happens)
  • [T – Twists and Turns] Operator {name} has been afflicted with the <{name}> Rejection: A random Operator is afflicted with Rejection.
  • [C – Cursed] Operator {names} has been afflicted with the <{name}> Rejection: Two random Operators are afflicted with Rejection.


Enlightenments are powerful buffs similar to Plays in Phantom & Crimson Solitaire; the key difference is that multiple Enlightenments can be active at the same time and they will be retained across floors, making Enlightenments much more useful than Plays and can significantly reduce the run's difficulty.

IS3 enlightenment 1.png
Ursus' Warcry
For 30 seconds after the start of battle, all enemies have -30% ATK and Movement Speed
"The peal of winter's thunder is the victory cry of Ursus."
IS3 enlightenment 2.png
Yan's Vicissitudes
The Operator on the battlefield with the highest HP will restore an additional 2 SP per second
"Time is like a loom, weaving Yan's majestic mountains and rivers."
IS3 enlightenment 3.png
Columbia's Inspiration
Gain an additional 70 Command EXP at the end of the next battle (One-time only)
"In a land shackled by the past, Columbia is already crafting the future."
IS3 enlightenment 4.png
Sami's Tenacity
The Operator on the battlefield with the lowest HP percentage restores 50 HP per second
"As long as nature continues to breathe, Sami's bloodline will not run dry."
IS3 enlightenment 5.png
Victoria's Honor
All friendly melee units have +35% Physical and Arts Dodge
"History has borne witness to Victoria's ascent, and it shall continue to do so."
IS3 enlightenment 6.png
Leithanien's Elegance
All friendly ranged units have +300 DEF and +30 RES
"Without art or emotion in our hearts, what difference is there between us and metal crabs?"
IS3 enlightenment 7.png
Sargon's Generosity
When obtained, randomly obtain 2 Collectibles
"The riches of the golden city fell to wind and sand, and thus Sargon came to glitter brightly."
Additional information
  • If there are multiple units meeting the condition of Yan's Vicissitudes and Sami's Tenacity, the Enlightenment will be applied to all of them.
  • The HP regeneration from Sami's Tenacity can be stacked with those from other sources.


Rejections are debuffs that cripples Operators in the player's lineup which may be afflicted in the die roll upon entering a new floor when the player's Light falls below 100 with increasing frequency at lower Light (see above) or from the effect of Caerula Animus.png Caerula Animus, Caerula Memory.png Caerula Memory, Failed Specimen.png Failed Specimen, and Endless Life.png "Endless Life" regardless of Light, and can be suppressed by temporarily sending them away through Emergency Dispatch or obtaining Dario's Lantern.png Dario's Lantern, Paraffin and Balsam.png Paraffin and Balsam (costs 30 Light), and Tulip's Secret Formula.png Tulip's Secret Formula.

Operators being afflicted by a Rejection are marked by their name and rarity turning purple, and a purple mist below their icon.

Only one type of Rejection will ever be afflicted on Operators throughout a run, chosen at random.

IS3 rejection 1.png
Hemopoietic Inhibition
Operators with this Rejection will continuously lose HP whenever their HP is not full
Accelerated blood cell apoptosis, inhibited bone marrow hematopoiesis
IS3 rejection 2.png
Concentration Disorder
Operators with this Rejection will automatically activate their skill
Impairment of sensory functions, loss of coordination, loss of control over stress mechanisms
IS3 rejection 3.png
Operators with this Rejection will be Frozen for 15 seconds after deployment
Atrophy of neurons in the brain, delayed reactions, dissociated consciousness
IS3 rejection 4.png
Metastatic Aberration
Operators with this Rejection have -50% Max HP, ATK, DEF, Deployment Cost, and Redeployment Time
External cells observed in circulatory system, ectopic electrical signaling, whole-body tissue spasms
Additional information
Hemopoetic Inhibiton deals 150 True damage every second which cannot reduce the afflicted Operator's HP to below 1.
  • Hemopoetic Inhibition can be mostly offset if the player have strong Medics who can keep the affected Operator's HP in check.
  • Concentration Disorder is irrelevant on passive and automatically triggered skills since the former does not require manual activation and the latter will only be activated at specific conditions. Be sure to switch the afflicted Operator's skill to the auto/passive one if they do have them.
  • Neurodegeneration is a death sentence for "helidrop" Operators and can be a major issue for damage-dealing/core Operators, and in Operations where enemies dealing increased damage to Frozen targets are prominent (most notably Leviathan's Followers). Using Therapist Medics can help them get out of the Freeze sooner (or remove it outright if one uses Lumen).
  • Metastatic Aberration is the most debilitating, as being at half-strength (but easier to (re)deploy in return) means that the Operator is basically powerless and would incapacitate the whole lineup if the afflicted Operator is their core!

Calls of We Many

Calls of We Many are functionally identical to Hallucinations in Crimson Solitaire, but none of them are exclusively detrimental; all Calls provide a positive effect and a negative effect simultaneously, making them more manageable than Hallucinations (although Calls can still put the player in a difficult position regardless).

Calls of We Many will never be heard upon entering a new floor until after the player had completed a run, and the odds of hearing one starts out small but increases at lower Light. Sometimes the player can even hear two Calls at once.

IS3 call 1.png
Echoes: Exploration
This floor has 2 additional nodes, but twice as much Light will be lost
Every trench we fill in
IS3 call 2.png
Echoes: Predation
On this floor, all your units and non-Boss units gain +50 ASPD, and your units receive -70% healing effectiveness
In predation we proliferate
IS3 call 3.png
Echoes: Assimilation
On this floor, you will obtain 3 Originium Ingots every time you enter a non-combat node, but will lose all Originium Ingots gained on this floor after exiting
We, the Anima
IS3 call 4.png
Echoes: Death and Rebirth
Battles on this floor drop +100% Originium Ingots; upon entering a combat node, you will immediately lose 1 Life Point (Cannot drop below 1 from this effect)
We, the Vicissitudes
IS3 call 5.png
Echoes: Proliferation
Battles on this floor have a 30% chance to drop a Recruitment Voucher; all enemy units have +15 RES
Creed beyond our death
IS3 call 6.png
Echoes: One Among Many
Battles on this floor grant +50% Command EXP; all enemy units have +50% DEF
Arise among the Colony
IS3 call 7.png
Echoes: Overgrowth
After the end of each battle on this floor, gain 1 Max Life Point; however, Life Point and Shield losses are doubled
Embrace... More...
IS3 call 8.png
Echoes: Adaptation
The first Wish Fulfilled node you enter on this floor will grant 1 random collectible, but you will no longer be able to identify node types beyond the nodes directly ahead of you
Assimilate... More...
Additional information
  • Echoes: Exploration will prevent the player from selecting options in events that reduces Light if their current Light is below twice the required amount.
  • The "boss" in the description of Echoes: Predation refers to bosses that appear in Dreadful Foes; hence, bosses that appear in (Emergency) Operations (e.g. Big Adam in Craft Brewer Killer, the Rat King in Seacavern Sandstorm) will be affected by the Call.
  • Entering the secret floor is actually counted as leaving the floor where the player enters it, thus doing so will apply the Ingot reduction effect of Echoes: Assimilation; said effect cannot reduce the player's Ingots to below the amount when they entered the floor the Call is heard.
  • Echoes: Death and Rebirth does not affect the Originium Ingots dropped by destroying Treasure Chests.
  • The Life Point loss from Echoes: Death and Rebirth will not result in the player losing Light after clearing the operation without losing any more LP since it applies before the operation actually starts.
  • Echoes: Adaptation turns all nodes on the floor where it is heard into Dense Fogs.
  • As with Bewildered in Crimson Solitaire, Echoes: Exploration can be both a blessing and a curse: while one can obtain more resources than normally in the floor, leaking in any operation is twice as punishing, hence one may consider avoiding Operations, especially Emergency Operations, to reduce the chance of messing up.
  • Echoes: Predation renders all sources of healing on friendly units impotent which makes taking damage punishing, moreso with faster-attacking enemies. Instead, try to use many helidrops, preferably Specialists or Guards, to make use of the Call's ASPD buff to deal with enemies quickly.
  • As with Obsessed in Crimson Solitaire, Echoes: Assimilation allows one to obtain more Originium Ingots, but will be wasted if they aren't spent at all by the time they entered the last node's floor, which can be very punishing if one has Collectibles dependant on the amount of Ingots (e.g. Chivalric Commandments - New Edition.png Chivalric Commandments - New Edition). Hence, one may prioritize spending as many Ingots as possible on Rogue Traders or Downtime Recreations to avoid wasting them.
  • Echoes: Death and Rebirth is a double-edged sword: on one hand, the player can obtain much more Ingots from operations, while on the other hand, entering it will cost Life Points which may be troublesome if one doesn't have any Objective Shields, since if the lost LP aren't recovered, one may have to face operations without any sort of error! Therefore, if one wasn't confident enough, avoid Operations at all costs to preserve LP for others.
  • Echoes: Proliferation allows the player to obtain more Rec. Vouchers than before, which is a plus especially if the player have Operators that deal high Physical damage to work around the enemies' buffed RES.
  • Echoes: One Among Many allows the player to increase their Command Level faster, which is a plus especially if the player have Operators that deal high Arts damage to work around the enemies' buffed DEF.
  • Echoes: Overgrowth allows the player to increase their Life Point cap, which is great if not because of the fact that LP losses from leaking are doubled, which can be problematic on Dreadful Foes. Hence, one need consider if the Operations ahead can be cleared flawlessly; otherwise, avoid them altogether.
  • As with Blind in Crimson Solitaire, Echoes: Adaptation can be easily countered by picking nodes with the most branches and does not matter at all in the 6th floor because its four nodes are fixed. The player is guaranteed to receive its benefit in the 2nd, 4th, and secret floors, as the former two's last node and the latter's first is Wish Fulfilled.