Mizuki & Caerula Arbor ending: Stella Caerula

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This article contains story information that are non-canonical to the plot of Arknights.
IS3 Cliffside Day
Mizuki is reborn, and the Seaborn ascend.
<Background black>
The contemplation finally comes to an end.
To express the emotions, desires, and thoughts of the human ego to the inhuman ego.
He accepts.
He floats on the water's surface, gently sculpting Mizuki's new body.
The many heed His suggestion, rejuvenating strength, falling silent...
<Background 1>
And shortly after that, he is born.
A carbon-based body housing a human soul – a gift from Him – is gently placed on a reef off the coast.
He soon awakens, once again interacting with the world with human senses.
He revels in the damp air, the warmth of the sun, and the caress of the breeze. But, it is then that a friendly tentacle touches the top of his head.
It reminds him that there is one last thing he must do before returning to this world.
Mizuki must part way with "Mizuki."
Mizuki There never was a dull moment with you around.
Thank you.
Then, this is goodbye.
One says his farewells in a human tongue.
While the other reciprocates in Seaborn fashion.
After that–
The universe rumbles.
From Sea Blue to Deep Blue.png
Countless hollows appear across the land, and the ocean itself is swept up in a maelstrom.
From every corner of Terra, the Seaborn arise and head towards the sky.
Fledglings dwell on the backs of their kin.
Offspring swim along with their parents.
The mountain-like bodies of the Firstborn slowly but resolutely migrate to the other end of the sky.
After a while, their titanic forms disappear into the furthest reaches of the sky, but there still remain countless Seaborn on land, ready to join its mighty ranks, ready to tread the path of the Firstborns.
The entire swarm weaves itself into a chain, slowly extending upwards into the sky.
When they complete their voyage,
The sea of stars will usher its new pioneers, and Terra will become a paradise.
O Mother, we have found our answer.
We many are of the sea, and to the sea we shall return.
To the bright, boundless galaxy.
To the new place we call home.