ISW-NO: Guns and Order

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Guns and Order
4F – Secret Hotbed
Guns and Order map.png
New order is born when the old ways no longer work. Guns and etched ammo temporarily ensure the security of order.
There are <"Gelato Stops"> on the battlefield, which restore allied SP when captured.
Note: This operation is added in Expansion II.


Condition: Enemies have greatly increased ATK and HP; new Elite enemies will appear; devices on the battlefield changed
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 8 Varies 30 ~ 31
Static devices "Gelato Stop" ×1
The Gelato Stop starts as hostile.


Normal "None of My Business", Pathfinder Legionarius ×18, Pathfinder Veles ×6
Elite Father Agenir, Pathfinder Ballistarius ×5
All enemies (including Agenir and "None of My Business") have their HP and ATK increased by 20%.